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Artec Turntable


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Artec Turntable is a smart rotating platform that's fully-automated and integrated with Artec Studio software. Powered by Bluetooth for out-of-the-box 3D scanning, Artec Turntable is the perfect companion for the ultra-resolution handheld 3D scanner Artec Space Spider.

Note, you will need Artec Studio 13 or newer to use the turntable. Although designed for the Artec Space Spider. It can also be used with the Artec EVA.

When you want to increase what your scanner can see, a turntable provides the perfect solution. The Artec Turntable is a small, fully-automated rotating platform. It is Bluetooth-powered, ready for instant use. A turntable is especially useful when scanning very small or intricate objects at high resolution.

Normally, scanning these objects with a handheld scanner leaves room for human error. Where you would normally move a handheld scanner around an object to capture it in detail, the Artec Turntable enables you to accomplish this with ease and precision, without the scanner itself needing to move. You simply set up the turntable in front of your scanner, which you can mount in a stationary position. You then place the object you are scanning on the turntable and rotate it slowly as the scanning process begins. The Bluetooth software that controls the scan also controls the turntable, ensuring excellent synchronicity with its motorised action.

This helps ensure comprehensive results – if there is any loss of scan tracking during rotation, the software will immediately detect it, and reverse the rotation in order to capture it. The Artec Turntable’s auto tracking system will pause then turn back 15 degrees, and continue once the scanner has regained its tracking.

It is perfect for use with the Artec Space Spider 3D scanner, and will work with the Artec EVA. It is compatible with Artec Studio 13 software or newer.

  • Bluetooth operated
  • Fully automatic
  • Seamlessly integrates with Artec Studio software
  • Built-in auto-tracking recovery
  • Synchronises with Artec scanning devices
  • Compact and lightweight



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