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Zeiss Calypso is an innovative solution to calculating measurements without the hassle of an overly-complex software. It allows you to measure standard geometries in a matter of seconds. This system is quick, accurate, and reliable, as well as having the added benefit of integrating seamlessly into your existing software.

This universal metrology software can be implemented into your current setup, so you can connect to the existing controller and avoid the added nuisance of adjusting your existing hardware or computer. All while letting you measure geometries in the same software suite at the click of a mouse.

Zeiss Calypso is easy to operate. It lets you programme measurements simply by selecting the required characteristics. It also offers you various tools for your requirements, so your measurements can be specific to any job.

Beneficial features


  • No hassle: Straightforward programming allows any employee to use with ease.
  • Viewing options: The CAD model lets you see your workpiece at all times, meaning you can follow every detail.
  • Versatility: In measurement logs and options.
  • User support: Offers tips and tricks, product information, bubble help, global help, and more.
  • Inclusivity: Results can be easily understood by everyone in the manufacturing process.

Flexibility and ease

  • Shortcuts: Toolbar options and the use of both keyboard and mouse for operation allow for quick and easy measurements.
  • Separation of characteristics: The geometric features needed for a characteristic (e.g. circles or lines are managed separately allowing for more flexibility an speed).
  • Sequences: Measuring runs can be adapted easily.
  • Measurement plans: Zeiss Calypso allows you to generate your measurements in any order that you want.


  • Automatic travel paths and efficient measuring run.
  • ZEISS PiWeb reporting: Reliable and interactive.
  • Use the report templates or generate your own reports or templates.
  • Automatic partial measurements can be performed with you with the Zeiss Calypso measuring software.

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