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Zeiss Comet compact L3D2 scanning system, available in 5MP and 8MP.

This compact scanning system from Zeiss provides you with the means for simple but extremely reliable 3D data capture. The L3D2 gives you the power to map 3D data of your chosen parts or objects accurately and rapidly, with minimum set-up.

Using the advanced Zeiss colin3D software platform, the Comet system combines high performance with efficient design, making it convenient to use, and extremely adaptable for a broad range of scanning tasks, including scanning in confined spaces or hard to reach locations. The system’s innovative sensor system is lightweight and compact, and it uses simple on-site calibration to let you change your measuring field by swapping lenses.

The Zeiss Comet’s technology automatically recognises changes in exposure and vibration, which makes it perfect for 3D data capture even in demanding environmental conditions. It has speed and convenience without sacrificing high precision performance. It will deliver outstandingly accurate results on a diverse selection of object surfaces, due to its enormous light-yield capacity and the sheer velocity of its measuring speed.

All these qualities make the Zeiss Comet the ideal choice of scanner for field work, research and quality control, whether you are designing, fabricating, reverse engineering or investigating.

Maximise your performance and your capability with this user-friendly, high tech scanning system. It is versatile and portable, ideal for on-site applications, however challenging your measuring task, and the perfect tool for a wide variety of scanning projects.

  • Available in 5MP and 8MP systems
  • Flexible measuring volumes from 45mm to 500mm
  • You can use the Zeiss Comet with photogrammetry
  • It will scan many different surfaces at a variety of resolutions
  • You can automate it using an optional rotary table
  • It takes accurate measurements fast.

Typical applications:

  • Quality control/inspection
  • Product design
  • Reverse engineering
  • Mould and die production
  • Historical and cultural assets
  • Automotive scanning
  • Intricate shapes such as coins and medals

Injection moulded parts.

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Download our factsheet: pdf ZEISS Optotechnik COMET L3D2
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