ZEISS Comet 6

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The ZEISS Comet 6 scanning system is a modular tabletop system. It offers both high detail and maximised speeds, available as a 8MP or 16MP model.

With advanced measuring speeds and powerful LED optics, the Zeiss Comet 6 brings high end technology to tabletop 3D scanning.

However complex and detailed the parts you wish to scan are, the Comet 6 can provide precise 3D measurements, giving you rapid, accurate data. This scanner uses the Zeiss colin3D software platform to ensure a consistently excellent level of scanning performance.

Using 3D intelligent light control (ILC), the Comet 6 adapts to localised light conditions to minimise undesirable effects such as glare. It does this quickly and efficiently, in real-time sync mode. Measurement times are stunningly short, under a second even at high resolutions.

The Comet 6 16M renders high levels of detail with its 16 megapixel camera, enabling precision digitisation of finely-structured objects and elaborate shapes.

Although technically advanced, the Zeiss Comet 6 is also extremely user-friendly. You can easily adjust its sensor via its intuitive operator interface, and it is compact and ergonomic for smooth handling.

The design is modular, and uses single-camera technology, enabling quick and easy changes, according to your     needs. In just a few, simple steps, you can change settings for a fresh field of view, requiring no modifications or additional sensors.

These features all contribute to the time-saving qualities of the Zeiss Comet 6 and its flexible functionality.

  • Available in 8 or 16 megapixel models (the 8MP model is faster)
  • Flexible measuring volumes from 80mm to 1200mm
  • You can use it with photogrammetry
  • It scans a broad range of surfaces at a variety of resolutions
  • It uses adaptive fringe projection technology
  • You can automate it using an optional rotary table
  • It takes measurements rapidly
  • It scans in large volume with high accuracy.

Typical Applications:

  • Quality control/inspection
  • Product design
  • Reverse engineering
  • Mould and die production
  • Historical and cultural assets
  • Automotive scanning
  • Intricate shapes such as coins and medals
  • Injection moulded parts
  • High resolution.

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