3D Scanning

What is 3D Scanning?

3D Scanning is a fast, efficient process used to collect 3D point cloud data for the creation of 3 dimensional models. Using specialist software, the 3D data is then quickly processed into a triangle mesh or STL file.

What is 3D Scanning used for?

There are a wide range of applications including 3D Modelling, Animation, comparison to CAD and 3D Printing. Due to the speed, accuracy and high quality results that 3D Scanning Systems offer, they are now being used widely as an industry standard.

Who uses 3D Scanning?

An ever-growing range of industry sectors including Aerospace, Automotive, Heavy Industry, Research and Development, Investment Castings, Forensic Archaeology, Sculpture/Arts, Medical, Animation, Film Industry, Tool making, Product Design and Product Development.

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What are the benefits of 3D Scanning?

Fast | Flexible | Non-Contact | High quality and quantity of data captured | High accuracy | Wide range of applications

Which types of equipment do we use at Central Scanning for service work?

The answer is ‘many’ as we like to make sure we can pick the best technology suited to your application. We have many in house systems and several more that we have access to via close, trusted partners – Hand Held Scanners, Laser Scanners, High Precision Optical Scanners, Large Volume Scanners, CT Scanners, Laser Trackers, Scanning Arms, Photogrammetry, CMM. All from leading brands ranging from Artec to Hexagon to Surphaser to Zeiss!