Artec Ray

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High accuracy long-range laser 3D scanner, ideal for precise capture of large objects.

Artec 3D’s long-range scanner the Artec Ray is a highly accurate long-range 3D scanner with for precise capture of large objects such as ships, aeroplane wings, wind turbines and even buildings, through cutting-edge laser technology. The Artec Ray can scan facets of less than a millimetre and this, combined with class leading angular accuracy, produces 3D scans with great fidelity. As a result, data capture is very clean compared to many competing products, with noise levels at an absolute minimum. This clean data in turn, speeds up post-processing significantly.

  • Stationary 3D scanner for precise capture of large objects including buildings, ships and aircraft
  • Suitable for outdoor and indoor use with a range of 110m
  • Extremely high quality 3D scan at the submillimetre level
  • Hassle-free post-processing

Download the specifications: pdf CSL Artec3D Ray


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