Advanced 3D Scanning for Heritage & Preservation

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Heritage and Preservation

Central Scanning’s 3D Solutions for Heritage & Preservation

At the intersection of history and cutting-edge technology, Central Scanning stands as a pivotal partner in the Heritage & Preservation sector, offering advanced 3D scanning for heritage preservation.

With an extensive range of 3D scanners from leading brands such as Artec, #HandsOnMetrology (powered by ZEISS and formerly GOM), we offer unparalleled solutions that breathe new life into the preservation of our global heritage.

Why Central Scanning is Your Go-To Partner in Preservation

  • A Legacy Reimagined: Leveraging the latest in 3D scanning technology, we ensure the meticulous capture and preservation of architectural marvels, artefacts, and landscapes, safeguarding them for future generations.
  • Technology Tailored for Preservation: From the delicate intricacies of ancient manuscripts to the grandeur of historical monuments, our portfolio of 3D scanners, including industry-leading names like Artec3D, ZEISS, and GOM, is specially curated to meet the diverse needs of the heritage sector.

Addressing Heritage Preservation Challenges

  • Non-Invasive Technology for Delicate Artefacts: Our non-contact 3D scanning solutions guarantee the integrity of priceless artefacts, offering detailed digital preservation without physical interaction.
  • Digital Archiving and Restoration: We provide advanced digital archiving solutions, enabling detailed analysis, virtual restoration, and the creation of accurate replicas of historical objects.
  • Comprehensive Analytical Tools: Our 3D scanning solutions are complemented by sophisticated software for in-depth analysis, ensuring every detail is captured and preserved with the utmost precision.

Central Scanning’s Cutting-Edge Technologies

  • Artec 3D Scanners: Known for their exceptional detail and ease of use, Artec scanners are ideal for capturing complex textures and colours, bringing artefacts and historical sites to life in digital form. Artec scanners are fantastic for small parts through to the scanning of larger items such as buildings and historical artifacts.
  • #HandsOnMetrology’s ZEISS 3D scanners: With unparalleled accuracy, ZEISS scanners are the gold standard for structural analysis, ensuring every measurement contributes to the faithful preservation of heritage sites.
  • #HandsOnMetrology’s GOM 3D scanners: Specialising in large-scale precision, GOM’s advanced technology is indispensable for architectural and archaeological projects, where every millimetre tells a story.

Our Comprehensive Suite of Services

From initial consultation to final digital archiving, Central Scanning covers every aspect of 3D scanning for heritage and preservation:

  • Expert Consultation: Tailored advice to identify the perfect 3D scanning solution for your project.
  • On-Site Scanning Services: Our experts are equipped to travel to any location, ensuring the precise capture of data with minimal disruption to the site.
  • Advanced Data Processing: Utilising state-of-the-art software, we transform raw scans into valuable digital assets for analysis, restoration, and public engagement.

Empowering Heritage with Advanced 3D Scanning

Embrace the future of heritage preservation with Central Scanning.

Our commitment to precision, coupled with our passion for history, makes us your ideal partner in safeguarding the treasures of our past.

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