3D Scanners For Heritage Preservation

3D Solutions for the Heritage Preservation Sector

Central Scanning is a provider of 3D scanning, 3D printing, and reverse engineering services. Alongside providing these services, we also specialise in selling and renting state-of-the-art 3D scanners fit for industrial purposes. 3D scanning can be used across a range of projects and tasks from engineering and industrial design through to cultural heritage preservation.

ZEISS Scanners | Artec3D Scanners

When it comes to the latter, 3D scanning technology can collect accurate data from different perspectives, allowing for the preservation and restoration of cultural relics.

Furthermore, Central Scanning offers finance options, making buying and renting a 3D scanners even easier. So call us on 01527 558 282 for more details.

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Preserving Buildings and Artefacts

3D scanning is one of the fastest and effective ways to create 3D models. By scanning physical objects in a non-contact process, the laser and light-based scanner records and captures angles and distances. Therefore, gathering valuable data that can be used to reconstruct the objects.

When it comes to the heritage preservation sector 3D scanners can be used to:

  • Capture pivotal details of buildings, surfaces, and architectural details
  • Measure the changes or deterioration of construction over time
  • Highlight areas of structural integrity on buildings
  • Identify vulnerable areas of other historical structures/materials/objects
  • Recreate historical sites or artefacts in virtual/augmented reality

HandsOnMetrology Scanners (powered by Zeiss/GOM)

HandsOnMetrology, are one of the industry’s leading manufacturers of 3D scanners. They specialise in portable 3D scanning systems that are powerful, adaptable and highly accurate. HandsOnMetrology scanners harness the power of cutting edge technology in every model they manufacture.

Well-known for their precision when it comes to measurement methods, HandsOnMetrology 3D scanners are perfect for use on both small and large historical projects. Their speed, precision, and compatibility makes them ideal to take to the sites of heritage buildings/artefacts.

Artec Scanners

Artec 3D scanners are again some of the best on the market. Portable, accurate, and great value for money, Artec scanners deliver on everything you would expect from a high-end scanning machine. Artec scanners collect colour data too, which allows you to produce full-colour 3D models for museums and showrooms.

3D Scanners to Rent

Central Scanning can support you with finding the right 3D scanner for your project. If you only need the scanner temporarily, you may wish to consider our 3D scanner hire service. This is perfect for projects with shorter timelines.

Renting a 3D scanner means that you can have access to the highest quality machinery equipped with industry-leading technology. You can reap the benefits of this for a smaller price tag and avoid investing a larger sum of money in something that you won’t use again. You also won’t have the responsibility of service/maintenance costs that sometimes come with the regular usage of a 3D scanning machine.

3D Scanners to Buy

If a 3D scanning machine is something that your business or organisation is going to use regularly, buying the machine outright is likely to be the best option. Our team of experts can talk you through all of the suitable options for your requirements, ensuring you invest in the scanner that meets the individual needs of your business.

Central Scanning Services

When it comes to our 3D scanning services, we take pride in using state-of-the-art technology and machinery to deliver the highest level of precision and efficiency for the heritage preservation sector. Using our decades of experience, we can provide your business with a variety of solutions. From simple 3D prints through to the preparation of detailed CAD files ahead of reverse engineering, we have a large array of capabilities to offer.

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Located in the Midlands but serving nationwide, our team is committed to meeting your 3D scanning requirements with our 3D scanning systems. Ranging from handheld scanners to large volume scanners, we take pride in being able to accommodate a wealth of different projects.

With plenty of knowledge and experience, our team can help you determine the right machine for the job at hand. Whether you’re looking for 3D scanners for sale, or 3D scanners to rent, at Central Scanning, we can help.