Artec Eva/Eva Lite

The Artec Eva 3D scanner and the Artec Eva Lite are among the most popular 3D scanners on the market. They are highly portable and boasting structured light scanning technology, Eva and Eva Lite give fine detail with high accuracy.

The full-fledged Artec Eva 3D scanner features geometry and texture tracking for full colour scanning as well as for better data alignment. It allows users to pick up from where they left off previously for larger projects. The Artec Eva is widely known in the market as the leader of handheld 3D scanning equipment. Furthermore, it was used to produce the first 3D portrait of a US president when Barack Obama was scanned in 2014.

The Artec Eva Lite is the entry-level version. It provides a 3D scanning solution suitable for budget-conscious customers. For instance, public bodies, the healthcare or educational sectors, or individuals. An upgrade to the Eva is available at any time for only the price difference between the two scanners. Therefore, the Eva Lite represents an excellent ‘try before you buy’ proposition. The Eva Lite does not capture colour nor texture. However, it is ideal for organic 3D scanning where there is not requirement of texture. The amount of data output is correspondingly much smaller. Consequently, the processing of the 3D scan it can be with a lower-end computer.

  • Two years manufacturer’s warranty (both devices)
  • EVA Lite or Space Spider can be upgraded to Eva at any time for additional cost
  • Educational discount packages. Available for schools, colleges and universities – 20 licenses of Artec Studio, two years of free software upgrades.

Typical Applications:

  • Human body scanning
  • Castings
  • Automotive – seats, interiors, exteriors, underside, under arches
  • Face scanning
  • Forensics
  • Prosthetics
  • Aerospace

3D scan of Gearbox for Reverse Engineering on SketchFab

Download our factsheet: pdf CSL ARTEC Eva and Space Spider
Metrological device for superior precision. Long-term repeatability in data capture. Automatic temperature stabilization.

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