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Artec Eva/Eva Lite

Welcomes You To The World of Cutting-edge 3D Scanning

When it comes to 3D scanners, precision and versatility are crucial. Whether you are venturing into human body scanning, automotive design, forensics, prosthetics, or aerospace, the Artec Eva and Eva Lite are your go-to 3D scanning solutions.

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Choose Your Powerhouse: Artec Eva or Eva Lite

Designed with portability and high accuracy in mind, both Artec Eva and Eva Lite are equipped with structured light scanning technology, promising meticulous detail capturing for your projects. These Artec scanners have earned their popularity by meeting diverse requirements across industries and applications.

1.The Power of Color: Artec Eva
The full-fledged Artec Eva 3D scanner offers more than just geometric capture; it tracks texture for full-colour scanning. This feature enables seamless data alignment and lets you continue your scanning projects from where you left off, perfect for larger, more complex tasks. This handheld 3D scanning equipment is so renowned, it was chosen for the first 3D portrait of a US president – Barack Obama.

2.Budget-friendly Precision: Artec Eva Lite
For those seeking a cost-effective solution without compromising on quality, the Artec Eva Lite serves as the entry-level version. Ideal for educational institutions, public bodies, healthcare sector, or individuals with a tight budget, the Eva Lite focuses on capturing only geometry. Its lower data output means it can even be processed on lower-end computers, offering flexibility and ease of use.

An upgrade to the full Eva is always available, offering you a practical ‘try before you buy’ proposition. This is 3D scanning made smart and affordable.

The Artec Promise

Each of our scanners comes with a two-year manufacturer’s warranty and the possibility of upgrade at any time for an additional cost. We also offer attractive educational discount packages for schools, colleges, and universities, including 20 licences of Artec Studio and two years of free software upgrades.

Your Partner in Innovation

Whether you’re creating perfect automotive interiors, crafting detailed prosthetics, or unlocking mysteries in forensics, Artec Eva and Eva Lite are your partners in innovation. With superior precision, long-term repeatability in data capture, and automatic temperature stabilisation, our 3D scanners ensure your projects always meet the highest standards.

Ready to Revolutionise Your 3D Scanning Experience?

Join the ranks of innovators who are leveraging the power of Artec Eva and Eva Lite. To schedule a demo or get more purchase information, please Contact us Your journey into the future of 3D scanning starts here.


What are the benefits of using the Artec Eva or Eva Lite?

The Artec Eva and Eva Lite are high-accuracy, handheld 3D scanners that offer a number of benefits, including:

  • Precision: Both scanners can capture objects with an accuracy of up to 0.05 mm, making them ideal for applications that require high precision, such as reverse engineering, quality control, and forensics.
  • Portability: Both scanners are lightweight and portable, making them easy to transport to different locations. This makes them ideal for use in a variety of industries, including manufacturing, healthcare, and education.
  • Ease of use: Both scanners are easy to use, even for those who are new to 3D scanning. The scanners come with user-friendly software that guides users through the scanning process.
  • Versatility: Both scanners can be used to scan a wide variety of objects, including small objects, large objects, and objects with complex geometries.
What are the differences between the Artec Eva and Eva Lite?

The main difference between the Artec Eva and Eva Lite is that the Eva can capture colour data, while the Eva Lite only captures geometric data. This means that the Eva can be used to create more realistic and detailed 3D models. However, the Eva Lite is more affordable than the Eva.

How do I schedule a demo or get more purchase information?

To schedule a demo or get more purchase information, please contact us. We would be happy to answer any questions you have and help you find the right 3D scanner for your needs.

3D scan of Gearbox for Reverse Engineering on SketchFab

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Metrological device for superior precision. Long-term repeatability in data capture. Automatic temperature stabilization.