The Ultimate Solution for Reverse Engineering

In the fast-paced world of design and manufacturing, the ability to quickly and accurately convert 3D scans into detailed CAD models is invaluable. Central Scanning is proud to introduce Quicksurface software, a comprehensive toolset designed for all part types, streamlining the reverse engineering process with unparalleled efficiency and precision.

Why Choose Quicksurface?

Quicksurface is not just any reverse engineering software; it’s a revolutionary platform that offers a powerful suite of features to transform polygon mesh models and PTX point clouds into usable parametric, hybrid, and freeform CAD models.

Here’s why professionals across creative, education, medical, rail, toolmaking, aerospace, heritage preservation, and forensics sectors are turning to Quicksurface:

  • Fast Geometry Extraction: Automatically extract planes, cylinders, cones, and more from 3D scan data.
  • Parametric Sketching: Create detailed 2D sketches directly over mesh references.
  • High Accuracy Modelling: Incorporate standard parametric functions like extrude, revolve, and fillet for precise design.
  • Seamless Integration: Export models as IGES and STEP files or transfer with full history into Solidworks.

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Features That Make a Difference

  • Easy Mesh Alignment: Align meshes into geometric coordinate systems effortlessly.
  • Accuracy Checking: Validate every stage of the CAD modelling process for optimal precision.
  • Freeform Surface Modeling: Quickly generate quad surfaces for shapes with organic contours.
  • Automatic Surface Extraction: Ideal for crafting entirely organic shapes with automatic surfacing.

Your Pathway to Enhanced Productivity

Quicksurface addresses common pain points in reverse engineering, offering solutions to challenges such as time-consuming conversions, lack of accuracy, and complex organic shapes. Its user-friendly interface ensures that both beginners and professionals can achieve superior outcomes in less time.


Can Quicksurface handle complex organic shapes?
Yes, its automatic surface extraction and freeform modelling capabilities make it perfect for any shape.

Is Quicksurface compatible with my existing CAD software?
Absolutely, it supports exports in IGES and STEP formats and integrates smoothly with Solidworks.

How does Quicksurface ensure the accuracy of the CAD models created from 3D scans?
Quicksurface is equipped with advanced accuracy checking features that allow users to validate the precision of the CAD model at every stage of the modelling process. This includes the ability to compare the generated model directly against the original 3D scan data, ensuring that the final CAD model faithfully represents the scanned object with high fidelity. This feature is particularly beneficial for industries requiring precise dimensional accuracy, such as aerospace and medical device manufacturing.

Start Transforming 3D Scans into Precise CAD Models

Ready to revolutionise your reverse engineering process?
Contact Central Scanning today to learn more about Quicksurface software or to schedule a demo. Our team is here to support you in selecting the right tools to enhance your workflow and achieve your project goals.

Embrace the future of reverse engineering with Quicksurface and Central Scanning – where precision meets efficiency.


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