Interested in 3D scanning for a particular project but not looking to purchase?


3D Scanner Rental Is the Perfect Solution

Then renting an Artec 3D system is great way to get familiar with an Artec Leo, Micro, EVA or Space Spider, for a one-off project or prior to committing to purchasing your own. Please note, we mandate a one week hire (with training) from £1,200 for first time rentals. Longer rentals are available on request.

  • Artec EVA and Leo are great for scanning people, cars and furniture.
  • Artec Space Spider is great for scanning hand sized objects to high detail.
  • Artec Micro is superb for scanning jewellery, coins and small figures to very high detail.

Try before you buy?

If you wanted to purchase your own 3D scanner following a successful rental. We can offer to return 1/2 the rental cost against the purchase (within three months since the end of the rental).



How is 3D scanner rental beneficial?


3D scanner hire can be beneficial for a number of reasons:


Renting a 3D scanner can be more cost-effective than purchasing one, especially if you only need to use it for a short period of time or for a specific project.

Access to latest technology:

Renting allows you to access the latest 3D scanning technology without the need to make a significant investment.


Renting gives you the flexibility to try out different models and brands to determine which one best meets your needs before making a purchase.

No maintenance:

When you rent a 3D scanner, the maintenance and upkeep is usually handled by the rental company, so you don’t have to worry about it.

No storage:

If you only need to use a 3D scanner occasionally, it may be more convenient to rent one as you won’t have to find a place to store it when it’s not in use.

Training and support:

When you rent a 3D scanner from Central Scanning you will receive full training and continued support, just as you would when buying.

Please call us on 01527 558 282 or e-mail us at to know more about our rental services.

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