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Geomagic Design X

Central Scanning proudly offers Geomagic Design X, a trailblazer in reverse engineering software. This platform is a fusion of history-based CAD and advanced 3D scan data processing, enabling the creation of detailed, feature-based CAD models that seamlessly integrate with your existing CAD software.


Enhancing Every Sector

Whether you’re involved in creative design, education, medical equipment development, rail and toolmaking, aerospace engineering, heritage preservation, or forensic investigation, Geomagic Design X is your go-to tool. It’s designed to address the unique challenges of each sector, offering precise, efficient solutions for your complex design needs.

Detailed Features for Advanced Applications

  • Redefine Design Process: Commence your design journey from real-world data, allowing for more authentic and practical designs.
  • Accelerated Design and Production: Drastically reduce the time from conceptualization to production by integrating real-world objects into your CAD environment.
  • Extensive Compatibility: Seamlessly compatible with leading CAD software, ensuring no disruptions in your existing workflow.
  • Resource Optimization: Utilise existing designs as a foundation, saving time and resources in the design process.
  • Master Complex Designs: Ideal for creating intricate designs that traditional methods can’t achieve, such as custom-fit parts for the human body or complex mechanical components.

We recommend the use of Design X with our Artec Scanners.

Why Choose Geomagic Design X?

Precision and Detail:
Offers unmatched accuracy in transforming 3D scans into detailed CAD models.

Whether it’s a small component or a large industrial part, Geomagic Design X can handle it all.

Streamlines the design process, significantly reducing the time and cost involved in product development.

Get Started with Geomagic Design X

Experience the future of reverse engineering with Geomagic Design X.

Contact Central Scanning For a comprehensive demonstration and explore how it can transform your projects.


Can Geomagic Design X adapt to complex and irregular shapes?

Absolutely. It excels in capturing and modelling intricate shapes and designs.

Is it suitable for reconstructing historical artefacts?

Yes, its precision makes it perfect for heritage preservation projects.

How does it integrate with my current CAD tools?

It offers native output and seamless integration with major CAD platforms.

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Great discounted bundles are available when bought together with our Artec3D scanners and for education.