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Oqton Freeform

Harness the power of Oqton Freeform, the leading software in organic 3D design and meshing. Provided by Central Scanning, this software is an integral tool for professionals in creative, medical, aerospace, and various other sectors. Its advanced capabilities transform complex design challenges into innovative solutions.


Why Oqton Freeform?

  • Intuitive Design Interface: Navigate easily through its user-friendly interface, suitable for professionals of all skill levels.
  • Advanced Sculpting Tools: Create detailed and intricate designs that traditional CAD software can’t replicate.
  • Hybrid Design Capabilities: Seamlessly integrates with Artec scanners for efficient scan-to-design workflows.

Key Features:

  • Enhanced Mesh Handling: Effortlessly manipulate and refine complex meshes.
  • Detailed Organic Modeling: Ideal for creating bespoke designs in medical, heritage, and creative sectors.
  • Compatibility: Works seamlessly with popular CAD software, enhancing your existing design ecosystem.

Pricing and Bundles:

Learn about Oqton Freeform’s competitive pricing and the special discounts available when bundled with Artec3D scanners, especially for educational institutions.


How does Oqton Freeform enhance my design process?

Oqton Freeform offers unparalleled flexibility in organic modelling, significantly reducing design time and allowing for the creation of complex shapes.

Is training provided for new users?

Yes, Central Scanning offers comprehensive training for Oqton Freeform to ensure users can fully leverage its capabilities.

Can Oqton Freeform be integrated into existing CAD workflows?

Absolutely, it is designed to enhance and work within your current CAD environment.

What sectors benefit most from Oqton Freeform?

Sectors such as aerospace, medical, education, and creative industries find immense value in its advanced features.

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Oqton Freeform stands at the forefront of 3D design innovation.
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Great discounted bundles are available when bought together with our Artec3D scanners and for education.