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GOM Scan 1

#HandsOnMetrology GOM SCAN 1: Precision 3D Scanning Made Accessible by Central Scanning

Central Scanning introduces the #HandsOnMetrology GOM SCAN 1, a remarkable addition to the 3D scanning landscape. This compact, versatile 3D scanner is designed to cater to diverse measurement and inspection needs across a broad spectrum of industries including creative, education, and medical fields.

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Key Features of GOM SCAN 1:

  • Compact and Versatile: The GOM SCAN 1’s small and mobile design is ideal for diverse applications, offering a practical solution in fields like education, creative industries, and medical technology. Its portability makes it a versatile choice for on-site measurements and in-studio work.
  • Advanced Technology: Incorporating GOM’s Blue Light Technology, the scanner delivers highly precise data, crucial for detailed analysis and quality assurance in sectors like aerospace and automotive. Its stereo camera system ensures accuracy, even under challenging lighting conditions, fulfilling the needs of industries demanding high fidelity in 3D scanning.
  • Multiple Versions for Varied Needs: The GOM SCAN 1 is available in MV 100, MV 200, and MV 400 versions, addressing specific requirements for different object sizes. This adaptability makes it a valuable tool for applications ranging from intricate artefact scanning in heritage preservation to detailed component analysis in toolmaking and rail industries.
  • Seamless Integration with the ZEISS Quality Suite: The GOM SCAN 1’s compatibility with the ZEISS Quality Suite streamlines 3D scanning, modelling, and reverse engineering processes. This feature is particularly beneficial for sectors like creative design and education, where ease of use and comprehensive data analysis are crucial.
  • Optimised for Various Environments: The robust design of the GOM SCAN 1 allows it to perform effectively in diverse settings, from controlled lab environments to dynamic field locations. This flexibility is key for sectors like energy and plastic parts manufacturing, where conditions can vary significantly.
  • Enhancing Quality Control: In quality control, the GOM SCAN 1 plays a crucial role. It ensures parts and components meet stringent quality standards, contributing to the production of superior and reliable products.

Integration with ZEISS Quality Suite:

GOM SCAN 1’s compatibility with GOM Inspect software streamlines tasks like 3D printing, creating detailed 3D models, and reverse engineering, making the scanning process efficient and comprehensive.


Industry Applications:

  • Creative and Design: A boon for creative professionals requiring detail-oriented models.
  • Medical and Educational Use: Ideal for medical research and academic purposes due to its precision and ease of use.
  • Manufacturing and Reverse Engineering: Enhances manufacturing processes with its high-resolution scanning capability.

#HandsOnMetrology in GOM SCAN 1

The GOM SCAN 1 exemplifies the principles of #HandsOnMetrology with its user-friendly approach to high-precision 3D scanning. This collaboration highlights a shared commitment to making advanced measurement technologies accessible across various sectors.

By embodying #HandsOnMetrology’s ethos, the GOM SCAN 1 ensures that users benefit from the ease of use and technical excellence, making professional-grade scanning available to everyone from creative professionals to engineers in the manufacturing sector.

Discover the GOM SCAN 1 at Central Scanning:

Dive into the world of advanced 3D scanning with the GOM SCAN 1.

Contact Central Scanning for more information or to schedule a demonstration. Explore how this innovative scanner can elevate your precision measurement and inspection processes.


Who Benefits from GOM SCAN 1?

Perfect for sectors like creative, education, and medical, where detailed scanning is crucial.

How Does GOM SCAN 1 Handle Complex Designs?

Its technology is adept at capturing intricate designs accurately, essential for complex manufacturing and design projects.

Is GOM SCAN 1 Integrable into Existing Workflows?

Yes, its user-friendly interface ensures it can easily fit into various systems, enhancing existing processes.

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