Artec Micro

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The Artec Micro is ideal for the demands of dental science, cultural heritage preservation, jewellery design and much more, where high detail and metrology grade precision is a requirement.
With an accuracy up to 0.01mm and point resolution of less than 30µm – capture and inspect precision parts with confidence.

Along with geometric information, the Artec Micro can also capture colour and texture – great for research and development.
The Artec Micro is a desktop scanner and features a fully automatic stage for ease of scanning and calibration.

Artec Micro Product Specifications and highlights:

  • Automated desktop scanner.
  • High Resolution (up to 0.029mm)
  • High Accuracy (up to 0.01mm)
  • Dual axis adjustable height stage.
  • Flexible fixtures provided for ease of positioning objects.
  • Hardware based scan alignment and blue light scanning ensures clean and reliable data each time.

We also recommend using AESUB Spray with the Artec Micro.


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