3D Scanners For Tool Making

3d Solutions for the tool making & foundry industry

3D scanning is a cutting-edge and powerful tool that is transforming the toolmaking and foundry industries. Central Scanning can recommend the finest 3D scanners for your application as an authorised reseller of 3D technology. In addition, finance options are available. So, call us on 01527 558 282 for more details.

Furthermore, we also offer on-site scanning and component based scanning back at our facility in Bromsgrove. We have the solution. Whether you are 3D scanning to check wear characteristics, require first article inspection or want verification versus CAD.

Following from 3D scanning you may also want to explore our other services for :

Reverse engineering/CAD | Inspection | 3D printing

If you have a longer term requirement or wish to acquire your own 3D scanning capability. Talk to us about your application and we can recommend you a solution.

ZEISS scanners | Artec3D scanners

Would you like to know more about how we can assist you with your 3D Printing and Scanning requirements?

Central Scanning and Toolmaking

Toolmaking requires a level of precision and accuracy that ensures the equipment being produced is of the highest possible quality.

At Central Scanning, we’re experts when it comes to 3D scanning in the toolmaking industry. We offer a comprehensive 3D scanning service and solutions that we apply to toolmaking. As a company, we have years of experience working with businesses that have utilised our services in both the design and construction stages.

We understand that for the tools being produced, it’s detail and accurate results that are most needed from 3D scanning. Our level of accuracy allows us to provide superb outcomes for a wide range of companies in the toolmaking business, and we’ve helped with a variety of projects, from the conception stages where new tools are being designed through to checking and inspecting existing tools for quality.

Our 3D Scanners

At Central Scanning, we have a wide range of equipment that we use to produce incredibly detailed and precise 3D scans. Importantly, our team are highly skilled and highly trained in the use of the best and most modern scanning equipment.

We provide an on-site service at our purpose-built facility, and we offer our customers a decade worth of experience when it comes to 3D scanning. We have both the best equipment and the best staff to ensure that you’ll be more than satisfied with the results of our 3D scans for your toolmaking requirements.

Artec Scanners

Our most important pieces of equipment are manufactured by Artec. The iconic optical company produce high-quality scanning equipment that we believe produces the best possible results for the toolmaking industry.

Artec scanners allow us to be highly accurate when it comes to producing scans for toolmaking companies, and our staff are incredibly skilled in their use.

Other Toolmaking Services

At Central Scanning, we provide more than just 3D scanning services, because we also offer a completely comprehensive range of solutions that can meet any of your 3D related needs.

As well as our 3D scanning technology, we also provide a dedicated 3D printing service. In the toolmaking industry, this allows us to not only help in the design process but to actively produce parts for those tools too, where it is required.

On top of this, we resell scanners and other technology and offer training in the use of these advanced pieces of equipment. We can also provide reverse engineering services, allowing us to turn your completed scan into CAD files.

Why Choose Central Scanning?

Central Scanning provides a full range of solutions for the toolmaking industry, but it’s not just our solutions that keep our customers returning time after time.

Our expertise lies in our years of experience working with 3D scanning equipment, and our staff are highly trained, enthusiastic, and professional. They are highly accurate and versed in the needs of companies looking to make use of our scanning services.

If you have a 3D scanning project for toolmaking, don’t hesitate to contact Central Scanning, to learn more about just how our experience, knowledge and technology can help you.

The Central Scanning quality guarantee:

All 3D scans are conducted in our purpose built air conditioned and temperature controlled facility.
Our ZEISS scanners are certified to VDI 2634 & national standards and are regularly calibrated with artefacts that are re-certified annually.

As a Gold Certified re-seller for Artec3D, we have exceptional product knowledge to provide the best solution.
We are proud to be ISO 9001 & 14001 compliant and an approved supplier into Education and the Public Sector.