HandsOnMetrology is GOM Metrology’s new 3D scanning network. It presents a joint portfolio of 3D scanning solutions by GOM and ZEISS. Designed to get you started or deepen your knowledge about 3D scanning and 3D inspection.

3D Scanning Learning Opportunities

Their valuable resource centre has an extensive range of learning opportunities. For instance, the platform provides answers to typical questions from our users such as: “How do I set up and operate my system?” or “Which measurements can I cover?”. 

Made For Learning

From step-by-step setup instructions to more advanced tutorials and expert hacks: this platform is made for learning and getting inspired. In addition, you can find the support you need to deliver 3D scanning excellence.

HandsOnMetrology Supporting A Range Of Industries 

HandsOnMetrology supports projects from a range of communities. This includes designers, technicians, engineers, scientists and specialists with valuable knowledge. Therefore, increasing product quality, optimise processes and expanding possibilities. The aim of HandsOnMetrology is to set new standards in 3D metrology and spread the word about its various applications.

Would you like to know more about how we can assist you with your 3D Printing and Scanning requirements?

Get Your Hands On The Latest Tech

HandsOnMetrology supports a range of 3D scanners from ZEISS and GOM Metrology. 


The ZEISS T-SCAN Hawk is a portable and precise 3D scanner. Additionally, it comes with GOM Inspect pre-installed. The design of this scanner is to be convenient and reliable. Consequently, capturing data wherever it’s needed.


The modular ZEISS T-SCAN system is an all-in-one solution for 3D scanning without part preparation. The ZEISS T-SCAN 20 helps you to measure precisely in any dimension, with measuring volumes for almost any application (from 0 to 20m³). The new T-TRACK 10 is best for smaller measuring volumes (from 0 to 10m³). The traceable accuracy guarantees reproducible and reliable measuring results.

GOM Scan 1

The GOM Scan 1 is a small and mobile 3D scanner that is here to open up new possibilities. Filled with advanced technologies, it helps you achieve detailed and accurate 3D meshes for any project you want. These include 3D printing, reverse engineering or part inspection. Also, its Blue Light Technology captures the complete surface of components with blue fringe projection and delivers detailed resolution in no time.


Quality starts with a Q. The ATOS Q was specifically developed for industrial use. Additionally, it offers very high levels of accuracy and repeatability. Although it’s a compact 3D scanner, it delivers high performance even under harsh conditions. Therefore, making it the perfect solution for taking a project from the measuring room to the shop floor.

The optical and electronic systems of the robust, optical 3D sensor are dust-proof and splash-proof. Like the GOM Scan 1, its Blue Light Technology works with narrow-band blue light. Consequently, the interfering ambient light can be filtered out during image acquisition.

Please review our ZEISS/GOM Metrology products and let us know if we can be of any assistance.

What Do 3D Scanning Events Do?

Our HandsOnMetrology 3D events are great to bring people together, for potential and existing customers. We show them the latest technology to demonstrate to them things have changed, things are moving on, so they can get a flavour for it. But then to potential customers, it introduces them to 3D scanning. It shows them that we’ve got the products within the #HandsOnMetrology range. After the event we can follow up with them to provide onsite demonstrations, to try and show them how we can help them improve their processes to save them time and money by increasing operating efficiencies.

What Is The Role Of The Technical Applications Engineer?

The primary role of an applications engineer is to demonstrate the #HandsOnMetrology systems. By demonstrating the systems we are able to understand and learn how all the systems work. Furthermore, it enables us to become a specialist in understanding how to do everything, from inspection to using the scanner. Consequently, this allows us to show the clients when they’re looking to buy a scanner.

Should I See A Demo In Person Before Buying A 3D Scanner?

For GOM and Central Scanning, face to face events are really important. Whilst the #HandsOnMetrology channel is a platform packed with informative video material, seeing the technology first hand is really the best way of demonstrating the value of the solutions to customers and prospects. Therefore, we provide events throughout the year, so that people can see the technology face to face.
Furthermore, these events offer us the ability to take the products closer to different people and potentially focus on different topics as well in the future.

Where Can I Find More Information On The GOM Products?

The #HandsOnMetrology platform has been developed as a resource for, for sharing information, in very concise shareable video media. On top of that, we’ve got the technology and free software, which can be used by anyone and downloaded immediately to apply some of the tools that you’ll see demonstrated on the #HandsOnMetrology platform.