3D Scanners For Automotive

3D Solutions for Automotive and classic cars

Here at Central Scanning, we have access to the best 3D scanners available on the market today. With the right equipment, we are certain that we can provide the necessary solution for your automotive needs, whatever the 3D scanning task might be. In addition, finance options are available. So call us on 01527 558 282 for more details.

Furthermore, we offer on-site scanning and component based scanning back at our facility in Bromsgrove. Whether you are 3D scanning to check pre-production parts or restoring a classic car – we hope we can facilitate.

Following from 3D scanning you may also want to use our other services for :

Reverse engineering | Inspection | 3D printing

If you have a longer term requirement or wish to acquire your own 3D scanning capability. Talk to us about your application and we can recommend you a solution.

ZEISS scanners | Artec3D scanners

We also can help with larger scale bespoke automated in-line inspections and verifications with our technical relationship with ZEISS. Please contact us to discuss.

Would you like to know more about how we can assist you with your 3D Printing and Scanning requirements?

3D scanning is the perfect technology for use in the automotive industry, as this high-tech process can produce incredibly detailed and accurate scans. At Central Scanning, we have a wide range of 3D scanning solutions that produce proven results in the automotive sector.

3D scanning can be used within the automotive industry to help with the design of different parts for vehicles. Given the complex results produced by 3D scanning, these parts can be small, individual parts that are necessary for mechanical components, or much larger parts such as a car chassis. 3D scanning technology can be used in a wide range of situations.

Our 3D Scanners

As well as providing 3D scanning services, we also resell the same 3D scanners that we use. Many of these scanners can be used with minimal training, which we are able to provide as part of a purchase package. Depending on the project and your 3D scanning requirements though, it may be more advisable to use our on-site 3D scanning service that takes place in our purpose-built facilities. When it comes to accuracy and expertise, our team has years of experience in the automotive industry and can produce incredible results.

Zeiss Scanners

As part of our exceptional 3D scanning arsenal, our Zeiss scanners are some of the highest-tech pieces of equipment we have available at our on-site facilities. These excellent pieces of technology allow us to meet the needs of automotive projects, and to produce highly accurate results

Zeiss produces one of the best products on the market, which has been designed using the company’s long history within the optical business. Our team are well trained and have years of operating experience between them. We know how to use these scanners to produce the most diligent of results.

Artec 3D Scanners

At Central Scanning, we also take pride in our technologically advanced Artec 3D scanners, which form another important part of our equipment range.

As with our Zeiss scanners, our team has comprehensive experience working with Artec 3D scanners to produce excellent results when working on automotive projects.

Other Automotive Services

Our services don’t end with 3D scanning either. At Central Scanning we have an encompassing range of other automotive solutions too. We offer reverse engineering for CAD projects, meaning that we can turn the results of our 3D scans into accessible CAD files. We offer CAD to part inspections along with other types of inspection and, of course, we have a 3D printing service too. As well as our on-site services, we also resell high-end equipment and provide the necessary training.

Why Choose Central Scanning?

At Central Scanning we have over 10 years’ experience in the 3D scanning business. We have a complete set of automotive solutions that will suit your needs and projects. Our dedicated team of staff are highly experienced, highly trained and highly accurate when it comes to 3D scanning.

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The Central Scanning quality guarantee:

All 3D scans are conducted in our purpose built air conditioned and temperature controlled facility.
Our ZEISS scanners are certified to VDI 2634 & national standards and are regularly calibrated with artefacts that are re-certified annually.

As a Gold Certified re-seller for Artec3D, we have exceptional product knowledge to provide the best solution.
We are proud to be ISO 9001 & 14001 compliant and an approved supplier into Education and the Public Sector.

3D Scanning Car Technology- What Scanner Would You Recommend?

One of the best 3D scanners available for the automotive industry is a product called the ZEISS T-SCAN 20. It’s a handheld laser scanner that has a high dynamic range. We can scan a wide range of surfaces including shiny surfaces that are traditionally very difficult to scan. Also, it’s unique and it doesn’t need markers. Therefore, we can scan a large volume without markers and without needing a portable arm to contend with. Furthermore, it has dynamic referencing. So, if the car’s moving or someone climbs in and out the car, if we had the markers on it, we can still carry on scanning without that being affected as the camera tracks the markers and scanner dynamically.

What Is An Example Of Using A 3D Scan In The Automotive Sector?

For example, if you were to scan a historic car, the data would be saved. Therefore, if the car ever gets damaged or written off, a company or car owner can use that data to repair it. Additionally, they can actually use that to create a buck for a car, or to authenticate whether that is the original car or not.