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Revolutionising Education with 3D Scanning Technology

Central Scanning stands at the forefront of transforming educational landscapes into dynamic and innovative learning spaces. Our state-of-the-art 3D scanning systems bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge and hands-on application, ushering in a new era of interactive learning. We are experienced providers of 3D scanners for education into academia and an approved supplier within the 3D scanning procurement framework.

Transforming Teaching and Learning

  • Hands-On 3D Learning: Active participation in subjects from engineering to art design.
  • Empowering Educators: Tools that simplify teaching complex concepts and encourage collaborative learning.
  • Inspiring Innovation: Encourages students to explore, create, and solve problems using cutting-edge technology.

Tailoring 3D Solutions for Education

Flexible Financing for Seamless Integration
Understanding the budgetary constraints of educational institutions, we offer attractive finance options, making advanced 3D technology accessible to all. Whether you’re looking to enhance engineering, art, or science curriculums, our flexible solutions ensure that financial limitations never hinder educational advancement.
Exclusive Offers for Educational Institutions
As proud ambassadors for Artec3D and authorised partners for 3D systems, Central Scanning is delighted to present exclusive ‘classroom’ bundles. These packages, including 20 seats of software at significant discounts, are specifically designed to foster an engaging and interactive learning environment.
Rental Options: Exploring Technology Without Commitment
For projects requiring a short-term 3D scanning solution, consider renting a 3D scanner or utilising our professional scanning services. This approach offers a practical way to integrate advanced technology into your curriculum without the long-term investment.

Why Choose Central Scanning?

  • Over a Decade of Experience:
    A trusted partner in integrating 3D scanning technology into academia
  • A trusted and approved supplier to education [APUC Framework agreement LAB1023 AP] for over 6 years.
  • Comprehensive Support:
    From choosing the right scanner to post-purchase assistance.
  • Customised Solutions:
    Tailored to fit the unique needs and budgets of educational institutions.

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Join us in redefining educational experiences through 3D technology.

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Together, we can unlock the full potential of 3D learning and innovation.

Education 3D Scanning
Education 3D Scanning


How Does 3D Scanning Enhance Learning?
3D scanning offers practical experience, making complex concepts accessible and encouraging collaborative learning.
What Support Do Educational Institutions Receive?
We provide exclusive educational discounts, comprehensive training, and ongoing support to ensure seamless integration of 3D scanning into curriculums.
Can 3D Scanning Be Used Across Different Subjects?
Yes, from STEM to arts and humanities, 3D scanning offers diverse applications, enhancing both teaching and learning experiences.