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We are experienced providers of 3D scanning systems into academia and an approved supplier into the 3D scanning procurement framework.

As authorised 3D resellers, we can recommend you the best solution for your particular application. Whether it is high precision ZEISS scanners for engineering or handheld scanners from Artec3D for visualisation/AR/VR and 3D printing. In addition, finance options are available. Call us on 01527 558 282 for more details.

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As proud Artec3D ambassadors and 3D system authoriSed partners we are pleased to offer attractive ‘classroom’ bundles with 20 seats of software at significant discounts for education.


If you only need 3D scanning for a particular project – maybe renting an Artec3D scanner from us or getting us to scan for you is a consideration ?

Would you like to know more about how we can assist you with your 3D Printing and Scanning requirements?

How students learn is changing and the classroom has become a platform for exciting, dynamic new ways of communicating ideas and information. We are experienced providers of 3D scanning systems for academia and we are an approved supplier in 3D scanning procurement network.

ZEISS scanners provide high precision scanning for engineering, while Artec3D handheld scanners are ideal for visualisation, augmented and virtual reality applications and for 3D printing.

Going Beyond the Concept

3D scanning enables students to go beyond abstract thinking by participating hands-on with active, 3D learning. There is no substitute for practical experience, and for encouraging collaborative working. 3D learning using advanced but accessible 3D scanners offers these things and more.

Transforming the Learning Experience with 3D

Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) are project-based with a three-dimensional learning strategy. In the classroom, students will take part in experimentation, analysis and computational thinking. 3D classroom applications must support this learning process, and with accessible, 3D scanning equipment, there is a convenient but cutting-edge ready resource for students.

NGSS is a concept for teaching about scale, proportion and quantity. Using 3D technology in the classroom enables students to scan real-life objects and both analyse and alter their measurements digitally.

This method of deconstructing concepts using practical, 3D tools applies to various disciplines, including engineering, biology, health sciences, art and design. Moreover, 3D scanning is a fast, accurate and resourceful means for engaging students in immersive learning techniques.

3D Scanning Benefits for Teachers

3D scanners give teachers the opportunity to combine various functions related to 3D learning in one convenient device. This versatile 3D technology means they can ensure their students make the most of various classroom applications, such as digital modelling and manipulation and 3D printing.

Practical Science Teaching

3D scanning technology makes collaborative learning and communicating sometimes complex concepts that much more straightforward. It allows for iterative teaching without sacrificing engagement, because it enables and encourages the participation of pupils and students. It makes science feel much more immediate and investigative, creating vivid learning experiences.

New Approaches to Design

For teaching product design and development, 3D scanning shortens the entire product design and development life-cycle. This rapid product development, or RPD, means students have greater freedom to experiment with concepts and translate them into practical solutions.

Accelerating the design process also means teachers can manage and even expand classroom schedules, placing greater emphasis on immersive, 3D learning. It also means students can develop their own models, rather than learn only from the example of pre-made objects.

Empowering Students with 3D

Teaching through lived, learnt experience is a very powerful means of transmitting information which students will more readily, and eagerly, retain. 3D scanners provide the tools to help teachers explore the potential of practical technology to make 21st century learning more engaging.

Education 3D Scanning

We provide a range of ZEISS and Artec3D scanners. We also offer cost-effective solutions, including scanner rentals and our own scanning services. Contact us for more details or to request a quote.

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The Central Scanning quality guarantee:

All 3D scans are conducted in our purpose built air conditioned and temperature controlled facility.

Our ZEISS scanners are certified to VDI 2634 & national standards and are regularly calibrated with artefacts that are re-certified annually.

As a Gold Certified re-seller for Artec3D, we have exceptional product knowledge to provide the best solution.

We are proud to be ISO 9001 & 14001 compliant and an approved supplier into Education and the Public Sector.

Education 3D Scanning
Education 3D Scanning