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Reverse Engineering

Central Scanning’s Reverse Engineering Services

In the realm of design, manufacturing, and engineering, reverse engineering stands as a critical process, transforming physical objects into digital designs that form the basis of innovation and development.

Central Scanning, leveraging advanced 3D scanning technology from Artec 3D and #HandsOnMetrology (powered by ZEISS and formerly GOM), offers unparalleled reverse engineering services that address the core needs and challenges faced by various industries.

Addressing Your Reverse Engineering Challenges

Our services are meticulously designed to tackle common pain points in reverse engineering:

  • Achieving High Accuracy: Mistakes in capturing the intricacies of an object can derail the entire process. Our state-of-the-art scanners ensure every detail is captured with exacting precision, making no project too complex or detail too small to be accurately digitised.
  • Complex Geometries: From the most intricate jewellery designs to the sweeping curves of automotive parts, our technology and expertise allow for the flawless digitization of complex geometries, ensuring your CAD models reflect the true essence of your physical objects.
  • Streamlining Processes: The traditional route from concept to prototype can be time-consuming and costly. Our reverse engineering services streamline this process, enhancing efficiency and significantly reducing time to market for your projects.
  • Integration with CAD Software: Central Scanning ensures seamless integration of scanned data with major CAD software, addressing compatibility concerns and facilitating a smooth transition from scanned data to usable design files.
  • Cost-Effective Solutions: Recognizing the financial constraints of our clients, we offer solutions that balance cost with quality, including access to our expertise, state-of-the-art equipment, and comprehensive support, ensuring you get the most value from your investment.

Central Scanning’s Approach to Excellence

Tailored Reverse Engineering Pathways:

  • NURBS Modeling: Perfect for capturing ‘as is’ replicas of organic shapes and complex designs, ensuring that every curve and detail is preserved.
  • Design Intent Modeling: Adapting scanned data to reflect original design intentions, correcting imperfections, and standardising dimensions for manufacturing readiness.
World-Class Equipment and Software:

Our reverse engineering facilities are equipped with the best in 3D scanning technology – Artec 3D and #HandsOnMetrology (powered by ZEISS and formerly GOM) scanners, supported by comprehensive software solutions such as Geomagic Design X, SOLIDWORKS, ZEISS RE, and Siemens NX. This blend of hardware and software enables us to offer solutions that are both innovative and impeccably accurate.

Expert Solutions Across Industries:

Central Scanning’s reverse engineering expertise spans across sectors, from aerospace where precision can define the safety and performance of aircraft, to medical where custom prosthetics require exact anatomical measurements, and creative industries where the faithful reproduction of artworks ensures heritage preservation.

Our services are also pivotal in OEM manufacturing, product design, and more, showcasing our versatility and adaptability to different industry needs.
How do we ensure data accuracy?
Utilising scanners known for their precision, we guarantee data that faithfully represents your physical object, enhanced by software that allows for detailed analysis and CAD model perfection.

What sets Central Scanning apart?
Our commitment to excellence is evident in our status as an approved supplier, a Gold Ambassador for Artec 3D, and our ‘world-class’ standing. With Central Scanning, you’re choosing a partner dedicated to advancing your projects with the latest in 3D technology.

Ready to Transform Your Ideas into Reality?

Discover the difference precision makes with Central Scanning’s Reverse Engineering Services. Whether it’s bringing a historical piece back to life, designing the next innovation in medical devices, or refining manufacturing processes, our team is ready to bring your projects to digital life.

To learn how we can assist in overcoming your project challenges, streamline your design processes, and unlock new potentials in innovation and growth.