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Unlock the Potential of 3D Modelling with at Central Scanning

Embrace the future of design with ANSYS SpaceClaim, a groundbreaking 3D modelling software that combines speed, flexibility, and simplicity. Whether you’re in aerospace, manufacturing, healthcare, or any creative field, ANSYS SpaceClaim enables you to transform your innovative ideas into reality with unparalleled ease.

Key Features of ANSYS SpaceClaim

  • Streamlined Design Process: Achieve rapid concept realisation with full part and assembly modelling, detailed drawings, and Keyshot for photorealistic rendering. ANSYS SpaceClaim simplifies your workflow, bringing your visions to life faster.
  • Unmatched Reverse Engineering: Boasting automatic surface fitting and direct modelling commands, SpaceClaim is the go-to tool for working with STL files and complex shapes, making reverse engineering a breeze.
  • Optimised for Simulation: Prepare your models for simulation effortlessly, regardless of their origin. ANSYS SpaceClaim ensures your designs are ready for analysis, removing geometry bottlenecks efficiently.
  • Revolutionised Manufacturing: Design jigs, fixtures, and optimise models for machining with ease. SpaceClaim is your solution to minimising downtime and completing jobs efficiently on the shop floor.

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Empower Your Design and Manufacturing with ANSYS SpaceClaim

Investing in ANSYS SpaceClaim opens a world of possibilities, enhancing your design, reverse engineering, simulation, and manufacturing processes. Its intuitive interface, combined with powerful capabilities, ensures you stay ahead in your industry.

Why Central Scanning?

At Central Scanning, we’re more than just suppliers. We’re your partners in innovation, providing not only the tools but also the support you need to succeed. With our expertise in various sectors, we ensure ANSYS SpaceClaim aligns perfectly with your specific needs, maximising your return on investment.


Revolutionising Industrial Design with ANSYS SpaceClaim: Industry Applications:


Efficiency in Aerospace Engineering

  • Streamlined Prototyping: Quickly transform conceptual designs into detailed models for prototypes, reducing development cycles.
  • Optimised Components: Utilise SpaceClaim for designing lightweight, durable components, crucial for aerospace innovation.

Transforming Manufacturing Processes

  • Rapid Fixture Design: Accelerate the creation of custom jigs and fixtures, enhancing manufacturing efficiency and reducing lead times.
  • Enhanced CAD Data Utilisation: Seamlessly edit and prepare 3D models from various CAD sources, ensuring flawless production runs.

Innovations in Healthcare Devices

  • Custom Prosthetics Design: Leverage SpaceClaim for designing bespoke prosthetics, improving patient outcomes with personalised healthcare solutions.
  • Medical Device Development: Simplify the complex geometries of medical devices, speeding up the innovation cycle from concept to production.

Preservation with Heritage Conservation

  • Detailed Artefact Modeling: Capture and recreate intricate details of historical artefacts for preservation and study.
  • Virtual Restoration Projects: Utilise 3D models to explore restoration possibilities without physical intervention, protecting valuable heritage.

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What makes ANSYS SpaceClaim unique?
ANSYS SpaceClaim stands out for its user-friendly interface, flexibility in design, and comprehensive capabilities in reverse engineering, simulation preparation, and manufacturing.

How can ANSYS SpaceClaim benefit my design process?
By streamlining workflows, enabling faster concept realisation, and providing tools for complex shape manipulation, ANSYS SpaceClaim enhances productivity and innovation in design.

Is ANSYS SpaceClaim suitable for beginners?
Absolutely. ANSYS SpaceClaim is designed to be accessible to users of all skill levels, with a straightforward interface and extensive tutorials to get you started.


Embrace the Future of Design with ANSYS SpaceClaim

At Central Scanning, we are committed to providing cutting-edge solutions that meet the needs of a diverse clientele, from creative sectors to aerospace, healthcare, and beyond.

ANSYS SpaceClaim embodies this commitment, offering a tool that adapts to your workflow, enhances your capabilities, and accelerates your success. Explore the possibilities with ANSYS SpaceClaim – your gateway to faster, more flexible solutions in 3D modelling.

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