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Revolutionising Forensics with Central Scanning’s Advanced 3D Technology

In the meticulous field of forensics, where the minutest detail can be the key to solving complex cases, Central Scanning stands as a pivotal partner, offering state-of-the-art 3D scanning solutions for the forensics sector.

Our collaboration with industry giants Artec, and #HandsOnMetrology (Powered by ZEISS and formerly GOM), equips forensic professionals with the tools needed for unparalleled precision and efficiency, propelling investigative processes into a new era.

Why Choose Central Scanning for Forensic Excellence?

  • Decades of Expertise: With many years of experience, our expert team provides invaluable insights and solutions tailored to the intricate needs of forensic investigations.
  • Cutting-Edge Technology: Access an elite selection of 3D scanners from market leaders ZEISS, Artec3D, and GOM, engineered to meet the exacting standards of forensic science.

Unmatched Precision for Critical Forensic Applications

Central Scanning’s comprehensive suite of advanced 3D scanners directly addresses the critical needs of the forensics sector.
From crime scene reconstruction to detailed analysis of physical evidence, our technology ensures that every piece of data captured meets the highest accuracy standards required for judicial processes.
  • Ensuring Operational Safety: Precision 3D scanning mitigates risks and ensures compliance with legal standards, providing unquestionable evidence for legal proceedings.
  • Optimising Evidence Analysis: Accelerate evidence analysis with our rapid 3D scanning solutions, capturing detailed data without the risk of contaminating or damaging the original evidence.
  • Facilitating Complex Investigations: Leverage detailed 3D data to uncover hidden details in physical evidence, supporting thorough and conclusive investigations.

Comprehensive 3D Scanning Solutions for Forensics

Central Scanning is dedicated to bolstering the capabilities of forensic teams through advanced 3D scanning technology. Our solutions unlock new potential in evidence analysis and crime scene reconstruction.
  • #HandsOnMetrology’s ZEISS Scanners: Renowned for precision, indispensable for high-stakes forensic projects.
  • Artec 3D Scanners: Offer versatility and detailed data capture for complex investigations.
  • #HandsOnMetrology’s GOM Technology: Specialises in metrology, providing insights into evidence compliance and quality.
  • Reverse Engineering & CAD Integration: Transform physical evidence into accurate digital models, enhancing the investigative process.
  • On-Site Scanning Services: Our mobile team delivers state-of-the-art scanning technology directly to crime scenes, ensuring the capture of critical data without compromise.

Partnering for a Future of Forensic Innovation

At Central Scanning, we are committed to advancing forensic science through precision and innovation.

Our tailored 3D scanning solutions are designed to support forensic professionals in their quest to unveil the truth behind the evidence, driving efficiency, and contributing to the pursuit of justice.

Ready to transform your forensic investigations with unparalleled accuracy?