3D Scanners For Forensics

3D Solutions for the Forensics Sector

Central Scanning is a leading provider of 3D scanning, 3D printing, and reverse engineering services in the UK. Moreover, as authorised resellers, we supply 3D scanners to rent and buy. As the forensics sector can hugely benefit from the capabilities of 3D scanning and with a variety of different options, our team of experts can help you in finding the right scanner or service for your project.

ZEISS Scanners | Artec3D Scanners

All of the 3D scanners we supply come from market-leading manufacturers. So, you’ll be sure to find the right machine for your requirements.

With finance options are available, buying and renting a 3D scanner has never been easier. So call us on 01527 558 282 for more details. Our team at Central Scanning will be happy to help.

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With our range of market-leading 3D scanners, forensics teams have the ability to analyse crime scenes and evidence with speed and accuracy.

Reconstructing crime scenes is an important part of investigating and solving a crime. With the help of 3D scanners, organisations can obtain 3D data that can help determine important details of events and scenarios.

Replicate Crime Scenes with 3D Scanners

With 3D scanners you can create a model of crime and accident scenes, along with any important evidence too. Working fast and accurately, the 3D scanner can capture indoor and outdoor evidence, such as bloodstain patterns, shoe marks, bullet holes, and more. Therefore, by using this advanced technology, you can eliminate the risk of contamination or damage to the actual evidence.

Forensic Anthropology & Odontology

Alongside using 3D scanners to look at crime scenes as a whole, skeletal remains can also be 3D scanned. By doing so, forensics teams have as much time as they need to identify the deceased, estimate the time of death, and look for any signs of causes of death such as injury.

Evidence Preservation

All evidence of a crime scene is usually stored, but retrieving it can sometimes be a lengthy task – especially if a long period of time has passed since the investigation was last worked on. 3D scanners allow you to store the 3D data for all of the critical evidence which can be stored online in an organised format and that can be revisited and analysed over and over.

3D Scanners to Buy or Rent

HandsOnMetrology Scanners

HandsOnMetrology 3D scanners powered by Zeiss/GOM are one of the brands we stock as part of our 3D scanner range. Available to rent or hire, HandsOnMetrology scanners are well renowned for their powerful, accurate technology. Compact and easily transportable, HandsOnMetrology scanners are perfect for attending crime scenes in order to gather data on vital evidence.

Artec Scanners

Artec 3D scanners also come in portable options. Additionally, they are easily one of the most cost-effective, versatile 3D scanners on the market. Their price point is very competitive in comparison to many 3D scanners, yet the performance they offer makes them fantastic value for money. With the ability to produce full colour 3D models, these are perfect for use in crime scene documentation and reconstruction.

Renting a 3D scanner is a good option if you’re only going to be using the machine temporarily.

By doing so, you can save yourself money and also avoid the responsibility of maintenance and servicing of the machine. Partner with Central Scanning and you can reap the benefits of our industry-leading 3D scanners through our rental service.

Buying a 3D Scanner is a long term investment

If you’re relying on a 3D scanner to become a regular part of your forensics team, buying a machine outright is likely to be the better option. By doing so, you’ll be able to invest in a machine that is perfect for your requirements and that can be used at your disposal.

Central Scanning 3D Services

Alongside our 3D scanners to rent and buy, we offer a range of 3D scanning services which are ideal in the forensics industry for short term solutions.

Whether you’re looking for:

  • a 3D print in a polymer-based material,
  • root-cause analysis through our 3D scanning services,
  • or a CAD model of a component ahead of remanufacturing using reverse engineering,

our 3D services are guaranteed to deliver on precision, quality, and efficiency.

For more information on our 3D scanning, 3D printing, and reverse engineering services for the forensics sector, get in touch.

Customer Focused

Whether you choose to hire or buy a 3D scanner or you want to explore our printing options, our team of experts will support you in establishing the right solution for your business needs. We take pride in taking a customer-centric approach to our service, ensuring we have a thorough understanding of exactly what our customers are looking for before we suggest a service or a piece of equipment to invest in.