Artec Metrology Kit

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Artec Metrology Kit: up to 2µm optical measuring system

The Artec Metrology Kit is a state-of-the-art, high-precision optical measuring system. Ideal for industrial applications such as deformation analysis, testing, and inspection. Its flexibility allows seamless integration into various workflows. Ensuring outstanding performance both in workshop settings and outdoor environments. Compatible with leading software like Control X and PolyWorks, it can function as a standalone solution or enhance 3D scanning accuracy in conjunction with other tools. The Metrology Kit, especially when paired with the Artec Leo, facilitates unparalleled precision over large areas, making it an invaluable addition to any precision-focused project. Therefore, designed to cater to the high-precision demands of industries such as aerospace, manufacturing, and cultural heritage.

A 3D optical coordinate measuring system for high-precision industrial applications – think deformation analysis, testing, inspection. The Metrology Kit is flexible enough to integrate into your workflow, delivers perfect results both in your workshop and outdoors.

The Kit can operate as a standalone optical measurement solution, or as a referencing tool for even higher 3D scanning accuracy over distance. Using the Kit plugin, you get the entire 3D scanning + photogrammetry workflow right inside Artec Studio.

A great addition with an Artec Leo to achieve high precision over large areas.

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