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Summary. Central Scanning collaborates with two new 3D printer resellers, 4D Virtual Lab in Portugal and 3D Print Ireland. With our expertise, the goal is to broaden Artec 3D products’ reach and awareness in both countries.


Artec Ambassadors Central Scanning are proud to announce it is supporting two new 3D printer resellers. One being in Portugal (4D Virtual Lab). The other in the Republic of Ireland (3D Print Ireland). Furthermore, it is hoped with Central Scanning’s expertise, we can expand the availability and knowledge of Artec 3D products to Portugal and Ireland.

3D Printing Resellers

4D Virtual Lab | Portugal

4D Virtual Lab have for years created Virtual Reality experiences with a mix of drone footage, photogrammetry, 360 environment scans and aerial surveying. Their projects range from Cultural Heritage, BIM to Real Estate.

Tiago Queiroz (Production Manager at 4D Virtual Lab) comments:

4D Virtual Lab main focus has been producing virtual tours for museums, art galleries as well as heritage monuments, we can provide immersive solutions to enhance the experience when, virtual visiting the space. Our main focus is developing tools for those who are enable to physically visit the place. We also include 3D content on our tours, this can be any statue, object from the museum collection.” 

One of their exciting projects involved creating a 3D virtual Tour of Museu Nacional dos Coches in Lisbon. The Museum has one of the most impressive collections of historical coaches in the world. Built in 1905, it houses coaches dating back from the 16th Century and also documents their development through to the 19th Century. Furthermore, 4D Virtual Lab’s work was well received with much media coverage in Portugal.

3D Photogrammetry capture of a Baroque Coach (at the Museu Nacional dos Coches).
Tiago Queiroz further comments:
“Thanks to laser scanning technology such as Artec Scanners to archive high-res models. Besides the use of this 3D pieces for the as interactive / immersive content 4D Virtual Lab, as the expertise to accurately replicate any existing object digitally. We are aiming to start producing digital archive for museums and heritage sites. This will help curators to manage more efficiently the museum collection. Having a 3D model is a huge advantage. This can be accessed anywhere in the world, non destructive technique presenting very accurate results, data can be safely stored, managed and revisited as many times as we please. Having teamed up with Central Scanning Limited complements our areas of expertise, this will have a huge impact on client support and project development.”
So, if you are from Portugal looking for an Artec 3D scanner please contact 4D Virtual Lab.

3D Printing Ireland

3D printing Ireland have been users of the Artec scanners for years as a compliment to their core 3D Printing and 3D visualisation services. Furthermore, their work involves many industries from Engineering, Healthcare, Hospitality to Heritage Preservation.
Keith Davis (Managing Director at 3D printing Ireland) comments:

“We at 3D Printing Ireland have become known as Ireland’s leading 3D scanning service after many years of working in the 3D industry. Our in depth knowledge and experience using Artec equipment is a natural fit for us to service the Irish market for Artec 3D scanners. We look forward to working with Artec and clients who want the benefits of this cutting edge technology”.

Using 3D Technology For TV And Film

One of their recent projects involved the Nightflyers TV Series which was written by HH Martin (creator of game of Thrones). Set in the year 2093, Nightflyers is a psychological thriller. It follows a team of scientists aboard the Nightflyer, the most advanced ship ever built, as they embark on a journey to find other life forms.

Furthermore, for Nightflyers they 3D scanned the whole cast, smaller set scenes & props. They used the Artec Eva for full body scanning & the Artec Spider for the face area to create more detail. The same was achieved for sets & props.

Another project was to 3D scan Kateryn Winnick for the History Channel’s “Vikings” TV series. The scan was done in minutes using the Artec Space Spider 3D scanner for its superb detail and colour reproduction. The resultant 3D model was then 3D printed full size. Also, it was used by their make up department as part of their production pipeline. This compares with the life casting method used before. Which is not only messy and time consuming, but also uncomfortable for the actors and actresses.

3D Technology In Museums

Lastly, this 3D scan of a Harp in Collins Barracks in Dublin, dates back to the 18th Century. It shows some of their work in the cultural heritage sector and resides in the National Museum of Ireland. It is using a combination of the Artec Eva to capture surrounding and then the Artec Spider to capture the smaller details and combined both meshes.

So if you are from Ireland looking for an Artec 3D scanner please contact 3D printing Ireland.

Irina Frangulova (Channel Manager, Artec 3D) comments:
“It gives me great pleasure to see our existing and potential users in Portugal and Ireland have localised support that is backed by our Artec Ambassador in the UK – Central Scanning”

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Central Scanning are proud to have represented Artec 3D in the UK for over 10 years. In addition, we are enthusiastic about assisting potential prospects and clients with locally accessible expertise in Portugal and Ireland. We wish our new partners great success. In addition, we will pass on our experience and expertise to the benefit of their clients.

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