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Summary. We offer advanced 3D scanners for reverse engineering, serving diverse sectors like aerospace and medical. With top-tier software like Geomagic, we transform parts to CAD models, improving designs and producing high-quality components. Our expertise spans from tiny objects to full-sized vehicles.


3D reverse engineering is a process used to measure parts via data captured by 3D scanning systems. Reverse engineering allows us to remanufacture existing parts. In addition, create CAD models of them and carry out further engineering of components and products. At Central Scanning, we have been providing 3D reverse engineering services for many years. In addition, we are able to count a wide range of discerning brands amongst our client base.

Market- Leading Software

Reverse engineering benefits companies from a wide range of sectors. It is often used for heritage and preservation, product design, OEM manufacturing, medical and dental purposes, in the aerospace sector and many more. We are able to input and output data in the vast majority of industry used formats. These include .stl, .iges, .step, .asc, .xyz, .txt, .ply, .obj, .3ds, .wrl and .x_t. We use leading software from manufacturers such as Geomagic, SOLIDWORKS and Polyworks. Plus we can transfer parametric models to SOLIDWORKS, CATIA, AutoCAD, Pro/E and Siemens NX.

Source Key Information

Reverse engineering allows us to source design information from all kinds of man-made objects. We aim to improve processes and create superior copies of existing components and help you obtain high-quality replacement parts. We can make a thorough assessment of your component, closely assess how it works and help you find ways to improve it further.

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We are well-known for our highly professional and efficient service. Additionally, we can work with items ranging from tiny objects to full-size vehicles. We are constantly making further investments in our service. For instance, we acquired the sought-after sub-millimetre Surphaser large volume reverse engineering scanner. This enables us to carry out even more bespoke 3D scanning projects for our clients. Talk to us today to find out more about the 3D scanners, and the reverse engineering services that we offer. You can reach us by calling 01527 558 282 or by using the contact form on our website.