Steinbichler COMET L3D 2M (Used)

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For sale: Steinbichler COMET L3D 2M – your gateway to superior 3D scanning precision. This package is not just a scanner; it’s a comprehensive solution for your intricate scanning needs. It’s available for just £15k or near offer.

This meticulously maintained Steinbichler COMET L3D comes equipped with three lenses (100, 200, and 400 Field of View) to cater to a broad spectrum of scanning requirements. This ranges from tiny components to larger objects. Each lens optimises your scanning process, ensuring high-resolution images across all projects.

This exclusive offer includes a laptop preloaded with ZEISS Colin 3D and InspectPlus Software. Furthermore, this setup guarantees a seamless transition from scanning to analysis, providing you with powerful tools for data processing and inspection right at your fingertips.

Also part of the package is a stand, enhancing the scanner’s stability and ensuring consistent, accurate results every time. Moreover, the portable and easy-to-setup nature of the Steinbichler COMET L3D makes it an ideal choice for professionals in engineering, manufacturing, and design who require flexibility without compromising on quality.

Embrace the opportunity to elevate your 3D scanning capabilities with technology trusted by industry leaders. The Steinbichler COMET L3D 2M offers unparalleled precision, making it a valuable asset for applications ranging from product development to quality control.

Therefore, are you interested in transforming your 3D scanning process with the Steinbichler COMET L3D 2M? Contact us at for more information or to make an offer. Don’t miss out on this exceptional deal to own a premium 3D scanning system at an unbeatable price.

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