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Paying Tribute

Paying Tribute – Barnsley Covid-19 Memorial Sculpture

Central Scanning worked in cooperation with Lockbund Foundry artist Graham Ibbeson and Barnsley MBC, to create a sculpture to honour the everyday people in the community who worked tirelessly throughout the pandemic.

Our 3D Scanning & Printing Services

We provided 3D scanning and 3D printing services for the project. All of the clay figures were scanned to maintain a secure digital model. As well as, to allow the models to be 3D printed at a smaller scale and then cast in bronze at a smaller scale to make a maquette.

Furthermore, the living plinth drawings drawn by local school children were converted to 3D models and then 3D printed. The 3D prints were used in the investment casting process to convert the drawings to physical bronze models as seen on the living plinth.
It is one of the first towns across the country to commission a permanent COVID memorial sculpture. Barnsley is paying tribute to those who have lost their lives. In addition, they are acknowledging the admirable and inspirational contribution of key workers, volunteers and local communities during the pandemic crisis.
With this work, we are paying tribute to the incredible work of our key workers and the ordinary people that have bound a community together; we are literally putting these ordinary working people on a pedestal, acknowledging their extraordinary, efforts, sacrifices, and skills in protecting our community, and giving us hope for the future.
Graham Ibbeson

Honouring Key Worker Heroes

The sculpture was unveiled at a ceremony in November last year in Barnsley town centre. The living plinth names many vital services and drawings by school children honouring their own key worker heroes.

Four initiatives and an engagement programme will honour those that have lost their lives and the key workers that continue to contribute to the fight against the coronavirus. It will provide a permanent reminder of this episode in our history.
The initiatives are:

The combination of initiatives will:

  • Provide a focal point to remember the people who have been lost during this time, whatever the cause;
  • Acknowledge the extraordinary efforts of all key workers and community volunteers that have ensured critical services continue to be delivered and that those needing extra help receive ongoing support;
  • Help us all to look forward to the future and the recovery of Barnsley.
Barnsley Memorial Sculpture
Barnsley Memorial Sculpture