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Lotus 72D

Central Scanning Brings A Legendary Racecar To Life For Hornby: The Journey Of Recreating The 1972 Lotus 72D

3D Scanning the 1972 Lotus 72D by Central Scanning for Hornby's Scale Model
Central Scanning is proud to be a leading reseller of 3D scanners. When approached with a challenge to replicate a historical piece of motor racing legacy – the 1972 Lotus 72D – we knew our expertise and commitment to precision would be essential. Here’s our journey with Hornby (Pocher), from inception to the completion of this ambitious project.

The Challenge: Capturing a Racing Icon

When it comes to iconic race cars, few can match the legacy of the Lotus 72D. The challenge? Recreate this masterpiece into a detailed 1:8 scale model. With numerous intricate parts and unique features, ensuring a meticulous replica was essential.

Our tools for the task? The state-of-the-art Hexagon Arm Laser, along with the precision of the Artec EVA and Artec Leo scanners. We were also prepared to tackle shiny surfaces with AESUB Blue, ensuring no detail was left uncaptured.

Discovering Central Scanning: A Partnership Rooted In History

Hornby (Pocher) and Central Scanning’s collaboration is not new. Starting in 2018, when Hornby initially sought us out to 3D scan train cabs and more, our partnership flourished over time. With a history rooted in trust, the Lotus 72D project was a testament to our collaborative spirit.

3D Scanning the 1972 Lotus 72D by Central Scanning for Hornby's Scale Model

The Process: From Norfolk To Digital Reality

Our journey began with a trip to Norfolk, where the legendary Lotus awaited our skilled engineers, Steven and David. The location: Classic Team Lotus headquarters in Hethel. A full day was dedicated to the scanning process, capturing every nuance and curve of Emerson Fittipaldi’s Championship-winning car.

Alongside the 3D scanning, hundreds of photographs were captured, ensuring the texture mapping was accurate down to the finest detail.

The Outcome: A Masterpiece Reborn

Utilising the 3D scan data, Hornby’s Pocher transformed the digital replica into a CAD model, setting the stage for the detailed tooling process crucial in the die-cast workflow. A few months of development and precision crafting later, the result was unveiled: an impeccable 1:8 scale model of the Lotus 72D Race Car, bringing nostalgia to life for race enthusiasts and collectors alike.

Reflections From The Track

Reflecting on this project, it’s evident how technology and craftsmanship can interweave to preserve history. Our partnership with Hornby and the opportunity to work on such significant projects reiterates our commitment to excellence and precision in the 3D scanning domain.

As we continue our journey, we look forward to bringing more pieces of history to life, one scan at a time.

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