Power Maxed Racing – A 3D printing solution

by | Mar 23, 2020


What problem did you have with current manufacturing technique?

Our traditional part is made from spun aluminium, when we redesigned the packaging on our race car it became apparent that our usual aluminium part could not be used and the entry to the air filter would need to be re-positioned.

Did central scanning help you over come this and if so how?

Working with our air filter partners, ITG it was apparent that we would not be able to produce the new part in aluminium due to the manufacturing techniques required. Having a very good relationship with both our filter partner and Central Scanning it was agreed that we could get Central Scanning to make our filter housings using their 3D printing techniques to supply the exact part we require in a very quick turnaround time from problem to solution.

What benefits did this give you? 

This gave us an ideal solution to our problem and allowed us to manufacture parts to fit into our packaging requirements with no compromise or delay