TotalSIM – Partners In Innovation with Artec Leo

by | Aug 21, 2020

In a cold January day in 2019, TotalSIM came to Central Scanning’s offices to receive the first Artec Leo to be delivered in the UK. Little did we know at the time, the amazing things they would end up doing with the handheld 3D scanner.

Creating the world’s fastest skinsuits for cyclists

TotalSIM has an amazing track record of allowing Athletes succeed in many Olympic and World championships with its cutting edge Computation Fluid Dynamic expertise and wind tunnels at the Silverstone Sports Engineering Hub (SSEH). Vorteq was created in allowing this technology to be access to a larger audience to those who take their cycling seriously. Vorteq is allowing the creation of a bespoke skinsuit that reduces drag of the cyclists as they aim for their fastest times. With 80% of the drag accounted by the rider and 20% by the bicycle – it is a clear area where cyclists can gain a big advantage with less drag.

Though TotalSIM are experienced Artec users having previously used the Artec EVA and Space Spider. The leap to the Artec Leo with its wireless capability and larger capturing volume – has bought down accurate 3D scanning times to 5 – 6 minutes of riders in their cycling position. Previously, getting the person to hold their position for more than 10 minutes was an issue and with other solutions. At the moment from an cyclist walking in to receiving their custom skinsuit takes two days, with further improvements in production – TotalSIM hope to bring this down to 24 hrs !

Making the Ultrafast WX-R racing bike

With the reducing the drag on the bodysuits largely optimised, attention turned to the remaining 20% to make the fastest racing Bike. This time the Artec Leo was purposed to 3D scan the bike under different loads to ensure the right balance of flex and rigidity when the cyclist was at fast acceleration and full cruising speeds. Together with time honoured techniques of weight reductions and drag reductions – this bike is destined to be one to look out for in the coming Tokyo Olympics !

Catsby tunnel and future plans

Always staying ahead of the competition, plans are ahead for a purpose built wind tunnel and Innovation Centre at Catesby tunnel in 2021. Central Scanning look forward to supporting TotalSIM in their ambitious plans.

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