Wessex Archaeology – Lost & Found

by | Jan 26, 2021

Wessex Archaeology approached us at Central Scanning to help realise their “Lost and Found” project. This project involved working with NHS Staff and at risk groups to improve wellbeing through engagement with heritage. Over several online webinars, they went into depth about some of their recent finds, got them to share stories of their own objects they have found, choose which items went into a ‘Digital Museum’ and learned about the technologies used in Heritage Preservation (including 3D scanning).

“My stand out moment on the course was seeing the process of digital scanning and understanding the impact this will have on making collections accessible to everyone”
Lost & Found participant

Learn more here: https://www.wessexarch.co.uk/our-work/lost-found-treasures-archive

Over several weeks and months different cohorts had chosen their favourite objects to go into the Digital Museum and they learned how these objects are 3D scanned with the Artec Space Spider supplied by Central Scanning.

One of many objects being scanned with an Artec Space Spider during a Webinar (Credit: Wessex Archaeology)

The scans now sit  proudly (digitally) in the digital museum the participants help curate: https://www.wessexarch.co.uk/museum-lost-and-found

One of the chosen items 3D scanned with the Artec Space Spider (Credit: Wessex Archaeology).

“The scanner was integral to the success of course, the final images of all of the chosen objects are of the highest quality and the participants have been amazed by the scanning process and the end results.”
Leigh Chalmers, Heritage Inclusion Development Specialist, Wessex Archaeology

The entire project was well received and Wessex Archaeology continue to offer 3D scanning as part of their offerings. Read more about it here: https://www.wessexarch.co.uk/our-work/along-came-spider.

3D scanning promotional video (Credit: Wessex Archaeology).

Also, the recent addition of the Artec EVA also allows them scan people in period clothing, again to enable the general public to experience history in 3D.

3D scan of a  “Late Medieval Freewoman” using the Artec EVA (Credit: Wessex Archaeology).

We continue to work closely with Wessex Archaeology to get the most from their Artec 3D scanners and hope it results in many successful projects in future. Inspired and also into heritage preservation ? Contact us at Central Scanning (info@central-scanning.co.uk) or 01527 558282.

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