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Summary. Central Scanning leads in 3D scanning for artistic creation, providing artists with advanced 3D scanners to transform ideas into reality, preserve historical artifacts, and explore new creative mediums. From detailed sculptures to large installations, our 3D scanning solutions offer unparalleled precision and versatility for all artistic projects.


3D scanning technology, an essential tool in the modern artist’s arsenal, is reshaping the way art is created, experienced, and preserved. Central Scanning stands at the forefront of this revolution, providing artists with access to the latest 3D scanners, 3D object scanners, portable 3D scanners, and professional 3D scanners.

Redefining Artistic Creation with 3D Scanning

3D scanning opens new horizons for artists, offering unparalleled precision and versatility. It enables the transformation of two-dimensional ideas into three-dimensional realities, breathing new life into traditional art forms and inspiring innovative creations.

From Concept to Reality: The Power of 3D Scanning in Art

Imagine turning a sketch into a tangible sculpture or capturing the intricate details of a historical artifact for a contemporary artwork. 3D scanning makes this possible. Artists can now scan objects or environments, manipulate these digital models, and even combine them with 3D printing to create complex, detailed works that were once impossible.

3D Scanning: A Tool for Preservation and Education

Beyond creation, 3D scanning serves as a powerful tool for preserving and educating about art. Scans of historical artifacts, sculptures, and architectural elements allow for accurate reproductions and restorations. Museums can use these scans to create replicas for display, safeguarding the original pieces while offering visitors an immersive, tactile experience.

The Artist’s New Canvas: 3D Scanning Technology

For artists exploring new mediums, 3D scanning provides a canvas unlike any other. It allows for the creation of artworks that push the boundaries of size, scale, and complexity. Whether it’s capturing the delicate contours of a ceramic piece or designing large-scale installations, 3D scanning equips artists with the tools to expand their creative expression.

Transforming Artistic Production with Central Scanning

At Central Scanning, we understand the unique needs of artists and creatives. Our range of 3D scanning technologies, from mobile scanners for on-site projects to professional scanners for studio work, ensures that every artistic vision can be accurately and efficiently realized.

Enhance Your Projects with Artec 3D Scanners

Artec Space Spider: This scanner is perfect for capturing intricate details and complex geometries, making it ideal for artists working on detailed sculptures and installations. It ensures that every fine detail is accurately replicated, allowing for precise digital manipulation and reproduction.

Artec Leo: A wireless and fast scanner, the Artec Leo is suited for artists needing quick scans on the go. Its high-speed capabilities allow for rapid scanning of large objects or environments. This enabling artists to integrate real-world textures and forms into their digital projects seamlessly.

Artec Ray II: Known for its long-range capabilities, the Artec Ray II is perfect for capturing large-scale installations and outdoor sculptures. Its precision and range make it invaluable for artists creating monumental works or needing to scan extensive environments.

Artec Micro II: The Artec Micro II excels in capturing small objects with extreme precision. It is ideal for artists working with jewelry, miniatures, or any small-scale intricate pieces, ensuring they capture every tiny detail with high accuracy.

Artec Eva/Eva Lite: Versatile and lightweight, these scanners are suitable for a wide range of applications from medical to art. They provide high-resolution scans quickly and efficiently, making them a go-to choice for artists needing reliable, portable scanning solutions.

By integrating these scanners into your 3D printing process, you can ensure that your designs are perfectly replicated every time.

Join the 3D Scanning Artistic Revolution with Central Scanning

Whether you are an artist looking to explore new dimensions in your work or seeking to preserve and replicate existing art, Central Scanning is here to assist. Contact us to discover how our 3D scanning solutions can elevate your artistic projects. Call us at 01527 558 282 or fill out our contact form to start your journey into the innovative world of 3D scanning in art.