Central Scanning Expands 3D Printing Capabilities

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Summary. We are a prominent provider of 3D printing and scanning services and have expanded our capabilities with the addition of two new 3D printers to our fleet. The Fortus 450MC, known as ‘Rachel,’ enables the printing of a wider range of materials, while the second printer, the Raise3D Pro 3 Plus, is a large-volume FDM printer yet to be named. This enhancement reflects Central Scanning’s commitment to meeting growing client demands and delivering high-quality results across various industries.


Central Scanning, a leading provider of 3D printing and 3D scanning services, announced today the addition of two new 3D printers to their existing fleet.

The Fortus 450MC, supplied and supported by Tri-Tech 3D, is an upgrade of the Fortus 400MC and allows the company to print a wider range of materials and increase their printing capacity. They have named this new printer ‘Rachel’.

The second printer, the Raise3D Pro 3 Plus supplied by SolidPrint 3D, is a large-volume FDM printer. The printer is yet to be named by the team!

This expansion of their 3D printing capabilities is a clear demonstration of the success and growth of Central Scanning’s business and future goals.

“We are thrilled to announce the addition of these two new printers to our fleet,” said Nick Godfrey, Managing Director of Central Scanning. “With Rachel and ‘not named yet’, we can now offer our clients an even greater range of 3D printing services and meet their increasing demands. This is an exciting time for our business and we are confident that these additions will help us to continue delivering high-quality results for our clients.”

About Central Scanning:

Central Scanning is a leading provider of 3D printing and scanning services, offering a range of solutions for a variety of industries, including architecture, engineering, and product design. With the latest technology and a team of experienced professionals, Central Scanning provides accurate and reliable results to their clients.

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