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As the whole world is now grappling with Covid19, a note on Central Scanning’s activities. Since the end of March 2020 we began 3D printing in excess of 500 face visors on our 3D printers and screens supplied by Stephens Gaskets Ltd.

3D Printing Visors For Hospitals

We delivered these 3D printed masks to local Doctors and Carers. The first of which was the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham.
Though 3D Printing is superb technology and allowed anyone in the whole world with a 3D printer to immediately try and meet the vast need for protective visors and other PPE.
It was clear the production could not keep up with the growing need.

This is when we decided that we needed to drastically increase the volume and have now invested in an injection moulding tool manufactured by RP Technologies and can supply in excess of 4000 parts part day. In addition, we are making valve adaptors which are being used to convert existing commercially available equipment to be used in the fight against Covid 19, helping to treat patients in hospital.
To request visors, please contact us on info@central-scanning.co.uk / 01527 558 282 for more information.
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