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3D scanning has an element of “fear of missing out” as companies look at their competition doing well with it. But, they are weary of investing themselves due to apparent low uptake with their existing clients. In addition, the need to skill up and the risk of acquiring something that might be obsolete before it returns your investment. Sometimes companies are faced with the classic “chicken and egg” scenario. You see the potential, but need to prove the concept to a few key customers before you have the confidence to invest in 3D scanning longer term.
That is why at Central Scanning we provide contract 3D scanning as a service to you. Additionally, we offer rental of scanners to help you still offer cutting edge 3D services to your clients without the risk.

3D Scanning As A Service

Here at Central Scanning, we are constantly updating our capabilities to remain cutting edge and our facility allows for sub-millimetre precision.

Simply getting us at Central Scanning to 3D scan for you and you can by extension add cutting edge 3D scanning technologies to your offering. Without the upfront risk of having the buy in the capability yourself. Perhaps projects requiring 3D scanning are only a once a year occurrence and this is ideal. Costs start from as little as £150 to access our technology.

We also can come to you with our scanners to 3D scan on-site. Our day rates start from £1,000.

We have helped clients scan everything from Sculptures:

Create a D-Day memorial garden:

We have high levels of experience. Therefore, it removes the risk of you needing to skill up when attempting to perform the 3D scans yourself. There are ample examples of people ‘not getting it right first time’. Consequently, this is where the value of contracting in the expertise makes sense.

Scanner Rental – “Seeding The Market” And Innovating

We have helped clients break into new markets by offering a rental service to trial out an idea with or attract new clients. The Artec EVA below is our most popular rental system and for good reason.

We have helped academics create custom tags for marine life

Successful Projects

At £1,200 (ex VAT) for a week’s rental of the Artec EVA (to include training). It provides a way into the technology with our help, guidance and expertise. These projects ultimately prove successful and their end users and their peers catch wind of the innovative processes and start enquiring. Suddenly from one project you have enough additional projects in the pipeline requiring the same technologies and have a business case to acquire your own 3D scanning capabilities or forge a long-term relationship with Central Scanning with repeated rentals.

Have an idea you want to trial with 3D scanning or have a one-off need to get something measured or 3D scanned? Get in touch at / 01527 558282.

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