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Summary. Artec Studio 16, Artec 3D’s newest scanning software, introduces Artec Cloud, integrates with Geomagic Control X, offers improved reverse engineering, faster HD reconstructions, and integrated photogrammetry. Faster loading and autosave enhance the workflow. More details available on the Artec 3D website.


We are proud to announce the release of Artec Studio 16. The latest version of Artec 3D’s market leading 3D scanning software.
Highlights of the Artec Studio 16 include:

  • Introduction and integration of Artec Cloud – collaborate, view and post-process all in a browser.
  • Integration with Geomagic Control X
  • Improved measurement and inspection tools to compare against CAD.
  • Improved Reverse Engineering capabilities including freeform primitives fitting, constraints and cross sections.
  • 2 x Faster HD reconstruction – get AI powered 3D scans from your Artec Leo and EVA quicker.
  • Integrated Photogrammetry – combine high quality photos with your 3D scans for photorealistic CGI, VR/AR and animation work.
  • 10x faster loading and auto saving of projects – continue to work faster and with confidence.

More details on the improvements are found here:

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Artec Studio 16Artec Studio 16