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Summary. Discover how Central Scanning’s new 3D scanners from ZEISS and GOM enhance industry processes, improve efficiency, and offer unparalleled precision and flexibility in various sectors. Explore our latest technologies and transform your projects.

Central Scanning: Always Striving for Innovation with New 3D Scanners from ZEISS and GOM

At Central Scanning, we continuously strive to offer the latest technologies to our customers. We are excited to welcome the newest additions to the ZEISS portfolio: the ZEISS T-SCAN Hawk and the GOM ATOS Q.

Introducing the ZEISS T-SCAN Hawk

The ZEISS T-SCAN Hawk is a metrology-grade handheld 3D scanner that incorporates built-in photogrammetry. This high-precision metrology tool is portable, allowing for precise measurements in various environments. It integrates seamlessly with the GOM Inspect Suite software, ensuring smooth scanning and inspection workflows. Learn more about this advanced scanner here.

Discover the GOM ATOS Q

The GOM ATOS Q is the latest in the established line of GOM 3D scanners, offering faster capture speeds in a compact chassis. Its interchangeable lenses provide versatility for any metrology task, making it an excellent choice for detailed inspections and high-precision measurements. Like the ZEISS T-SCAN Hawk, the GOM ATOS Q integrates fully with the GOM Inspect Suite software, enhancing the efficiency of your scanning processes. Find out more here.

Integrating 3D Scanning into Various Industries

The new 3D scanners from ZEISS and GOM meet the diverse needs of multiple industries. Whether you work in aerospace, automotive, manufacturing, or cultural heritage preservation, these advanced tools offer unparalleled precision and flexibility.

How 3D Scanners Enhance Industry Processes

3D scanning technology streamlines various stages in industry, from concept to quality control. By creating digital replicas, it enhances design precision, speeds up engineering, and ensures product quality. Integrating new 3D scanners into your processes improves efficiency, saving time and money across diverse sectors.

Conceptualisation: Bridging Ideas and Reality

Furthermore, in the initial concept phase, designers need to depict relevant ideas successfully. 3D scanning technology, like that offered by the new ZEISS and GOM scanners, plays a crucial role. By scanning objects and creating digital replicas, designers can easily interpret concepts and visualise design directions.

Design: Precision and Speed in Creation

Once initial concepts are established, designers move to detailed design phases using CAD (computer-aided design) programs. Designers often work from existing products or objects, quickly scanning and digitizing prototypes using advanced 3D scanners. This process, facilitated by tools like the ZEISS T-SCAN Hawk and GOM ATOS Q, significantly decreases the time required to create complex designs while increasing accuracy in details, shapes, and sizing.

Engineering: Direct Transition to Innovation

3D scanning enables a seamless transition from conceptualization to engineering, especially when working from a base product. Scanned physical objects, digitised with high-precision scanners like the GOM ATOS Q, allow engineers to move directly to analysis and modification phases. This tool’s high accuracy is invaluable in performing engineering analyses on various existing manufactured products, making modifications more efficient and precise.

Quality Control: Ensuring Excellence

Quality control is essential, and 3D scanning provides a time- and money-saving solution. Handheld and stationary 3D scanners, such as the ZEISS T-SCAN Hawk, analyse manufactured parts with high precision. Traditional manufacturing settings often miss faults, but 3D scanning can quickly and accurately assess shapes and sizes, identifying issues before they cause problems. Moreover, this technology is often used alongside specialized statistical analysis programs, ensuring consistency and predictability in manufacturing processes.

Central Scanning: Your Partner in 3D Scanning Excellence

At Central Scanning, we are committed to helping industries leverage the power of new 3D scanners from ZEISS and GOM. Whether you need guidance on selecting the right scanner or support in using one you already own, our 3D scanning specialists are here to assist.

Explore our range of products, including the Artec Eva, Artec Leo, Artec Ray II, Artec Micro II, and Artec Space Spider, and see how they can transform your projects. Contact us today to learn more or to schedule a demonstration.

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Integrating new 3D scanners into your processes not only saves time and money at every stage of product development but also makes each stage more efficient and accessible. This technology is shaping the future of design, development, prototyping, engineering, and beyond.

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