Why 3D Printing is keeping the world turning

by | May 22, 2019 | Industries

Tools made by 3d printing

Tool makers, it’s time to embrace 3D Printing.

Keeping ahead of the game.

At a time when technology is racing forward at a breakneck pace, for toolmakers, keeping up with the pack can be difficult.

Nowhere is this more prevalent than in the world of travel.

The design and mechanics – inside and out – of cars, trains and planes are constantly evolving. Models are becoming faster, more energy efficient, and streamlined. Each new piece of kit requires its own set of unique tools.

When a job needs doing yesterday, the tools need to be ready to use there and then, or you risk the chance of losing your customers.

This all comes down to availability.

Using traditional methods to design and create new tools, for new parts takes time – for them to be tested, and then to be shipped. And if the tool is still wrong, the process must be repeated all over again.

The thing is, it’s no easy ride to maintain older modes of transport either.

When working with older vehicles, it’s a given that parts are replaced – new and old working side by side. So, what happens when the original parts start to fail?

The main problem is that the tools for those components are no longer manufactured, they are hard to find, or they simply don’t exist anymore.

Whether it’s restoring a classic car, maintain a working train or fixing a vintage airplane – if the tools aren’t working, neither is the vehicle.

This is where 3D Printing is saving Tool Manufacturers.

So how does a tool manufacturer keep up to speed, and at the same time maintain impeccable quality?

The fastest and most effective way to have a tool at your disposal is to 3D print it…

If a piece of machinery requires a tool that is obsolete or hard to locate, using Central Scanning’s handy ZEISS Comet Compact L3D2, the part’s dimensions can be captured. 3D printed tools are the best solution.

At every step, Central Scanning brings your ideas to life.

By applying reverse engineering, a unique tool can be designed to fit the component. Then using Central Scanning’s state of the art 3D printers, they can be printed and ready to use within hours.

All parts of the tool or fixture are durable and can be made in a variety of thermoplastics and/or resins.

The resins we use can be mixed to provide a wide range of shore harnesses or colours. Some of these plastics can be reinforced with composite fibres, to increase strength and reduce flexibility.

Not only that, parts can be checked dimensionally against the file that was printed, to ensure that the printed parts are within tolerance. Reports can be as simple as a basic dimensional colour map to measuring specific features on a part.

Are you still questioning why 3D printed tools are the best option?… it’s time for the bullet points…

  • Speed – A tool can be produced in hours, saving money on material – retaining clients in the process.
  • Cost – 3D printing a tool means that labour cost and shipping costs reduce immensely.
  • Intricacy – using the pinpoint accuracy of Central Scanning’s 3D printers, more complex tools can be built quickly and checked immediately to make sure they are within tolerance.
  • Waste Control – building a tool with a 3D printer to a specific spec means less material is wasted.
  • Environment – Less energy is used to 3D print a tool, than creating one using slower, more traditional methods.

The quality of our equipment and hardware, together with highly skilled engineers, means we can provide a premier level of expertise alongside cutting-edge technology.

As well as undertaking the printing, Central Scanning can also help guide the customer through from their designs and initial concepts, all the way through to the finished product. 3D printed tools are the best option, but if you are still unsure, get in touch with us.

Our goal is simple… to develop close working relationships with our clients so we can provide an attentive, professional and efficient service.

Tool makers, it’s time to get ahead of the pack – call Central Scanning today about our 3D printing service and start to turn your wildest dreams into a solid reality.

We 3D Scan, We 3D Print, We 3D Care….