High value 3D printing – ensuring quality with ZEISS validation.

As 3D printing providers vie for business in an increasingly saturated market. One thing has emerged in the market that differentiates the ‘hobbyist’ from the ‘professional’ solutions that exist and that is in terms of validation. There is plenty of literature and marketing that claims great things with accuracy and ever decreasing layer heights and increased detail.

But not all providers offer geometric validation of the 3D prints they produce. This is something that we at Central Scanning Ltd are proud to offer from our relationship with ZEISS over 10 years. Through the use of metrology grade 3D scanning from ZEISS, we are able to evaluate the precision of our prints before delivering it to our customer whom have mission critical applications.

Of course, we are not alone in this pursuit of precision and validation. One such company such is OerlikonAM who go to great lengths to validate the prints to their high value clients. From dimensions checks, to surface finish and grain characterisation – activities deemed to be in the world of R & D are starting to become common place in high value 3D Additive Manufacturing applications.

The technologies employed in validation can also be used effectively in reverse engineering and iterative or regenerative design. 3D scanning is such a technology that can take a legacy part and allow designers to reduce weight and improve performance of the replacement part that is fabricated by Additive Manufacture. The example below from JP3D TecVision is a great example.

I hope next time you are investing in 3D printing for demanding applications, that metrology and validation are part of the conversations you are having about your proposed solution. Please do contact us at Central Scanning Ltd about your next 3D printing or precision 3D scanning and validation requirements.