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In the dynamic world of 3D printing, distinguishing professional-grade solutions from hobbyist offerings has become crucial, especially in terms of validation. While many claim high accuracy and detailed outputs, true validation separates the experts from the enthusiasts. Central Scanning Ltd, a leader in the UK 3D printing industry, proudly offers geometric validation of 3D prints, a testament to our commitment to quality and precision.


Professional 3D Scanner Technology for Unmatched Precision

Our decade-long partnership with ZEISS, a leader in metrology, empowers us with state-of-the-art, professional 3D scanners. These industrial 3D scanners are crucial in validating the precision of our prints, especially for clients with mission-critical applications. We ensure that every detail, no matter how minute, meets the exacting standards required in various industries.

High-Quality 3D Printing Service at Central Scanning

Central Scanning isn’t alone in this pursuit of perfection. Other industry giants, such as OerlikonAM, also go to great lengths to validate their prints, from dimensional checks to surface finish and grain characterisation. What was once the realm of R&D is now becoming a standard in high-value 3D additive manufacturing applications.

Beyond Printing: 3D Scanning for Innovation and Efficiency

The same technologies we use for validation are also pivotal in reverse engineering and iterative design. Our 3D scanning capabilities allow us to transform legacy parts into improved, lightweight, and high-performance components through additive manufacturing. This approach is not just about replication; it’s about innovation and efficiency, as demonstrated by industry examples like JP3D TecVision.

Enhance Your Projects with Cutting-Edge 3D Scanners

To achieve unparalleled precision in your 3D printing and scanning projects, consider utilising our advanced scanning technologies. The Artec Space Spider is perfect for capturing intricate details and complex geometries, making it ideal for validating high-precision components. For quick, accurate scans on the go, the Artec Leo offers wireless capabilities, allowing seamless integration of real-world textures into digital models. When working with large-scale installations, the Artec Ray II provides the necessary range and accuracy to capture extensive environments. For projects requiring extreme precision on small objects, the Artec Micro II ensures every tiny detail is accurately replicated. Finally, the versatile Artec Eva/Eva Lite scanners deliver high-resolution scans quickly, making them suitable for a wide range of applications.

Ensure Metrology and Validation in Your 3D Printing Solutions

When considering 3D printing for demanding applications, incorporating metrology and validation into your planning is essential. At Central Scanning, our team of 3D service experts is dedicated to providing high-quality 3D printing and scanning services. We are more than just a provider; we are your partner in precision and quality. Contact us for your next 3D printing, scanning, and validation needs, and experience the Central Scanning difference.