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Summary. Discover the revolution of Space Spider reverse engineering with the Artec Space Spider, a symbol of innovation and versatility in 3D scanning. From high-precision manufacturing and quality control to applications in healthcare, archaeology, and art conservation, this device ensures accuracy, efficiency, and a tangible return on investment.


In the evolving realm of 3D scanning, the Artec Space Spider stands as a symbol of innovation and versatility. This industrial 3D scanner, originally crafted for the International Space Station, offers unmatched precision and performance. This portable device, boasting high-grade electronics and robust temperature stabilisation, offers users the best in accuracy and adaptability.

Space Spider Reverse Engineering: A Revolution

The landscape has been completely transformed with Artec Space Spider reverse engineering. With its structured light scanning, geometry, and texture tracking, the device allows for full-color scanning and precise data alignment. So, whether you’re replicating a vintage car part or redesigning a complex mechanical component, this handheld 3D scanner makes the process more accessible and accurate than ever before.

Quality Control at Your Fingertips

In a world where perfection is expected, the Artec Space Spider plays a vital role in quality control. Its high-accuracy scanning capabilities ensure meticulous examination of objects, detecting the minutest of inconsistencies. This results in accurate geometries and surfaces that meet your most stringent quality standards.

Efficiency in Inspection and Manufacturing

As with all Artec 3D scanners, the Artec Space Spider can help businesses achieve high levels of efficiency in reverse engineering. It’s not just a device; it’s an asset in inspection and manufacturing processes. The scanner facilitates swift and precise inspection of parts, reducing errors and increasing efficiency. In the realm of manufacturing, it streamlines the production line by ensuring each component aligns with the design specifications through reverse engineering, thus enhancing the product’s overall quality.

Healthcare, Archaeology, and Art Conservation: Embracing the Future with Artec Space Spider

The applications of the Artec Space Spider extend far beyond the industrial sector. In healthcare, the device enables detailed scanning of body parts for prosthetics or medical analysis. In archaeology, the Space Spider captures intricate details of artefacts, preserving historical pieces for study and display.

Art conservation also benefits from the precision of this scanner. By capturing every detail of artworks, the Space Spider allows conservators to document and track changes over time, aiding in restoration and preservation efforts.

A Tangible Return on Investment

Investing in the Artec Space Spider is more than purchasing a device; it’s securing a future of accuracy, efficiency, and innovation. By improving precision, speeding up processes, and enhancing quality control, the Space Spider delivers a clear return on investment. It’s about getting the job done better, faster, and with greater accuracy.


The Artec Space Spider is more than just an industrial 3D scanner. It’s a tool that accelerates growth, ensures quality, and drives innovation across various fields, from manufacturing to healthcare, archaeology, and art conservation. It’s time to take your 3D scanning capabilities to new heights. Welcome to the world of the Artec Space Spider.

Embrace the technology designed for space and tailored for your workspace. Whether you’re in engineering, healthcare, or art conservation, invest in a 3D scanner that unleashes unlimited potential. Flexible rental and finance options available.