HandsOnMetrology Launches ZEISS T-Scan Hawk 2

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Summary. HandsOnMetrology launched the ZEISS T-Scan Hawk 2, a lighter, faster, and more accurate hand-held laser 3D scanner. It offers portability and improved volumetric accuracy with Satellite Mode. The scanner features guided workflow, multi-line projection, and precise scanning down to 0.01 millimeters. Central Scanning will resell the product, already receiving demo requests. Ideal for maintenance, quality control, design, and various industries.


HandsOnMetrology officially launched the next generation of the ZEISS T-Scan Hawk hand-held laser 3D scanner on the 31st of January 2023. A series of two webinars covered the new product and its features and benefits.

With a ‘Take It and Make It’ attitude, the ZEISS T-Scan Hawk 2 promises lighter, faster and more accurate hardware. It was designed for ease of use and travels around in one case, allowing you to scan anytime anywhere.

HandsOnMetrology also boasts that the T-scan Hawk 2 will be the first portable hand-held 3D scanner to use Satellite Mode. This will see the volumetric accuracy and definition improve at larger scales.

Other new features of the 3D scanner include a guided workflow with ZEISS Quality Suite; single-line and multi-line projection for scanning different geometry; and the ability to scan finer details down to 0.05 to 0.01 millimetres.

Leading 3D scanning company in the West Midlands, Central Scanning, will be reselling the ZEISS T-Scan Hawk 2 as part of the HandsOnMetrology reseller global network. On the day of its launch, Central Scanning has already received requests for demonstrations of the scanner.

Nick Godfrey, Managing Director of Central Scanning, said “It’s good to see a lot of interest already and we’re really excited to get started with this new piece of kit.”

The new 3D scanner will benefit people who work in maintenance, quality control and design, all the way through to automotive, railway, reverse engineering, energy, metal fabrication and many more.

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