Artec or Zeiss: what’s the best 3D Scanner brand?

by | Aug 13, 2019 | Hardware

Within the last five years, the 3D scanner market has grown increasingly diverse with products to suit all needs, varying in price, size, ability and shape. However, with so many 3D scanners available it can be difficult to know which would best fit your budget and project criteria.

Artec and Zeiss are arguably two of the biggest globally recognised brands in the 3D market. Here, we will be discussing what each has to offer in order to help you make a decision for your 3D scanner.

Artec 3D

Artec 3D is one of the leading global competitors in 3D scanning technology providing a range of both 3D scanners and processing software that can be transferred across industries. Artec has a number of 3D scanners but the one which has arguably stood the test of time in the market is the Artec Eva.

Despite being initially released in 2012, when it comes to handheld 3D scanners, the Artec Eva is still one of the key go to devices. Artec also made history with their Eva model in 2015. Their scanner was used to model former President Barack Obama –  the first 3D scan of a president.

Fame aside, the lightweight scanner is both portable, exceedingly accurate and has a wide range of applications across global industries. It may not be the cheapest scanner on the market but consumers and businesses know that they are paying for quality with Artec products.


Zeiss is also another leading 3D scanning competitor. They combine high-end technology, ergonomics and flexibility to create portable and powerful 3D systems. Zeiss is a well-established imaging and measuring firm and as such are this year celebrating their 100th year of industrial metrology.

With such a long-established history, Zeiss are noted for their accuracy. This is why their T-Scan handheld scanner is such a worthy opponent to Artec. The latest model the new Zeiss T-Scan 20 demonstrates the brand’s ever developing, cutting edge scanner technology and commitment to ensure consistently efficient measuring processes with speed, accuracy and flexibility.

When it comes to making a decision on which brand has the best 3D scanner between Artec and Zeiss, it is a near-impossible task. Each brand has a range of unique attributes which they have used to create high quality, high-performance scanners.

Whilst Artec in comparison has much older hardware which in the long term may seem disadvantageous, products such as the Artec Eva remain to this day a market leader after so many years. Zeiss on the other hand work constantly to improve, hone and perfect their scanners, staying true to their history in metrology.

Ultimately, both brands have innovative products which are proven to stand the test of time and maintain their place in the market. It simply comes down to understanding which product best meets the specifications of your project, your budget and your requirements.

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