Why You Should Buy 3D Scanners From An Authorised Reseller

by | Nov 9, 2021 | Artec, Hardware

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Summary. Considering buying 3D scanners? Assess frequency of use, object variety, desired speed, training needs, and compliance. Purchasing from an authorised reseller, like Central Scanning for Artec and Zeiss, ensures access, expertise, and top-notch service. Buy with confidence and optimal support.

3D scanning is a versatile, advanced technology with numerous benefits for industry.

But if you want to use the technology, what is the best way of sourcing 3D scanning equipment?

First, there is a decision whether to outsource your 3D scanning or to develop your own in-house capabilities.

Should you opt for the latter, it’s important to access the appropriate kind of 3D scanning tech from a reliable, reputable source.

Using an authorised reseller solves this issue, giving you the necessary assurance that you’re making the right purchasing choices, backed by an excellent level of customer support.

Central Scanning is an authorised reseller of Artec and Zeiss 3D scanners.

Why Buy Your Own 3D Scanners?

Here are key questions to ask yourself, which can help you decide whether to buy your own 3D scanners, rather than outsourcing, makes the most business sense.

  • How frequently do you anticipate using 3D scanning? If it is a technology you will build into your regular processes, then it makes sense to invest in it and buy your own scanner. Supporting both fabrication and industrial design, scanners support a broad range of applications and processes. It may, therefore, be a capability you need to build into your business model.

  • How many different types of object will you need to scan? 3D scanners are versatile, but you may need multiple types if the objects you wish to scan vary widely in size and characteristics. However, by talking to an expert, authorised reseller, you should be able to find the best scanner for your needs.

  • How rapidly do you want results? Having your own in-house scanning equipment enables you to scan whenever you want, helping to bolster your quality assurance and product research and development.

  • What will your in-house training requirements be? Modern scanners are highly accessible, but you should consider training for staff.

  • Will you be compliant? You may be in an industry that requires a degree of regulatory compliance so, if you choose to buy a scanner, you must be sure its outputs will meet statutory requirements.

Why Buy From An Authorised Reseller?

There are several major benefits to buying a scanner from an authorised reseller:

  • Access

  • Knowledge

  • Service

An authorised reseller will have access to specific brands and models of scanner which other dealers won’t.

This is especially valuable in the specialist 3D scanning market.

At Central Scanning, we’re authorised resellers for leading edge scanning manufacturers Artec and Zeiss.

In fact, we are only one of three authorised resellers globally for Artec, and the only one in the UK.

Being an authorised reseller in effect makes us UK ambassadors for these company’s products, and it is a role and responsibility we don’t take lightly.

We provide our customers with access to scanning products they might otherwise find it more challenging to source.

What makes Central Scanning the ideal authorised reseller for Artec and Zeiss?

A big part of this is our knowledge about these scanning products.

If you’re buying from an authorised reseller, it should be as if you were buying directly from the manufacturer.

This means we know about the products inside and out.

We know that in choosing to buy your own scanner you want to be sure it will meet your current and future requirements.

As both a 3D printing and 3D scanning service provider, and an authorised reseller, we understand how these products should provide you with a full service solution.

Talk to us about your prospective purchases, and we’ll be able to explain fully the capabilities, applications and potential of the advanced 3D scanning equipment we sell.

The service aspect of being an authorised reseller means we will offer you the support you require, including a reliable, efficient warranty claim process.

Our support covers both pre-sale and post-sale, and we’re always up to speed on the latest information relating to technical updates and product changes.

As a legitimate third party seller, we believe we can offer you the best of both worlds:

  • Authorised access to a range of advanced branded 3D scanning products.
  • An excellent level of personal support and service.

Buy Artec And Zeiss 3D Scanners From Central Scanning

Artec 3D scanners and Zeiss 3D scanners are at the vanguard of user-friendly scanning technology.

That includes highly accurate, long-range scanners, versatile handheld 3D scanners and precise desktop scanners.

For more details about this product range, please contact us today.