The Value Of Outsourcing CAD Work And Inspection

by | Jun 30, 2021 | Tips and Advice


The Expertise

Central Scanning offers reverse engineering and inspection services. As users and distributers for ZEISS and GOM for the #HandsOnMetrology solutions – we are experts at creating inspection reports and validating parts.We have two full-time Engineers specifically for CAD and Inspection work. They both have over 10 years of experience delivering complicated projects.Nick Godfrey, already explained a while ago – how we take 3D scanning precision seriously in our temperature-controlled facilities. This extends to the meticulous detail we take with our Inspection and reverse engineering work.

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The Value Proposition

More and more frequently, we are asked to compare a 3D scan to a CAD model to check whether a fabricated part meets manufacturing tolerances. Also, especially in the Railway and Automotive industry we are asked to generate CAD from legacy parts or parts that are no longer manufactured.

Typically, these requirements from a customer occur once every few months. The important capability to have and to promote their own clients but not quite enough to justify employing someone internally. Even if they did employ someone internally, they would perform the inspection and reverse engineering work so infrequently that maintaining an adequate skill level and practice can be challenging especially if it only forms a part of their job.

This is where outsourcing the work to a provider such as ourselves makes sense. The onus would be on Central Scanning to maintain competence, ensure quick turnarounds and completion of work. This alleviates the ongoing costs you would have for an infrequent need.

The Action

Have an urgent requirement to have a part measured, validated or converting to CAD for re-manufacture? Contact us at 01527 558282 or We 3D scan, we 3D print, we 3D care.

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