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Summary. 3D scanning solutions revolutionise data capture across diverse industries. Central Scanning offers ZEISS and GOM’s pioneering systems, guaranteeing unparalleled precision. Discover how these advanced technologies can elevate your business processes and outcomes by reaching out to our expert team today.


Our 3D scanning solutions play an integral role in a number of industries, including the automotive, aerospace, creative space, and even in heritage preservation. This diverse range of sectors proves the potential and impressiveness of this advanced technology. 3D scanning applications can adhere to anything from coin-sized objects to larger applications such as cars and buildings.

Both ZEISS and their partnering company GOM offer state-of-the-art 3D scanners and systems that have transformed capturing data worldwide. These globally recognised companies have perfected their design methods to produce unrivalled scanning equipment. At Central Scanning, we pride ourselves on being versatile with our offerings, allowing us to achieve anything and everything within reason.

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Why choose ZEISS?

ZEISS 3D scanners are known for their untouchable performance in 3D scanning. As pioneers in the technology, all ZEISS scanners offer remarkable solutions for complete accuracy in measurements and image translation. GOM, the company of ZEISS, is how they achieve this.

GOM specialises in industrial 3D coordinate measuring technology that ZEISS 3D scanning applications heavily rely upon. Furthermore, the organisation deals with 3D computed tomography and 3D testing; two methods that the healthcare industry uses for meticulous results in body scanning practises.

The History of ZEISS

ZEISS’ history surrounds the optics and optoelectronics industries. Today, they set themselves apart as an internationally leading technology company that is shaping the future in technological progression, including 3D scanning solutions. Their developing, production, and distribution processes allow for the most innovative solutions for industrial metrology, microscopy for life sciences and materials research, quality assurance, medical technology solutions for diagnostics, as well as treatment in microsurgery and ophthalmology.

Our ZEISS 3D Scanners

Central Scanning offers several ZEISS scanner variations. The ZEISS T-Scan 20 captures 3D data without any preparation or use of markers. Combining all specs, the hand-held T-SCAN laser scanner, T-RACK optical tracking system, and T-POINT touch probe offer an intuitive, seamless and intricate 3D metrology solution.

Using GOM Inspect Suite, this 3D scanning solution reaches new heights within measuring. Working in conjunction with this exceptional software means that 3D scanning applications deliver results never seen before. We also have ZEISS T-SCAN HAWK 2, GOM ATOS Q, and GOM SCAN 1 available. Each device offers a range of features that can optimise your business’s proceedings in both efficiency and success.

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If you’d like to find out more about our 3D scanner hire/rentals or purchasing, get in touch with our helpful team today. Hiring 3D scanning applications is ideal for one-off projects or for understanding the truly inquisitive nature of this premium technology before you buy. On the other hand, by investing in this new-level equipment, you will be continuously met with the most authentic results.

Once you contact us, we can discuss your business’s needs so that we can match you with the right 3D scanning solution. Our contact number is 01527 558 282 or if you’d prefer to reach out via email, it’s info@central-scanning.co.uk.

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