Affordable Artec 3D Scanner: Should you Buy or Rent?

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Summary. Looking for a 3D scanner to rent? Central Scanning offers both purchase and rental options, enabling users to experience cutting-edge technology from leading brands like Artec. Ideal for diverse industries, renting offers a flexible, cost-effective way to harness this transformative tech without commitment.


At Central Scanning, we offer our customers the opportunity to buy or rent our affordable 3D scanners. By offering 3D Scanner rentals, we give individuals the opportunity to gain an understanding of the extraordinary results that this remarkable technology can attain. While our 3D scanners are fantastic for a range of businesses, including those found in industries such as the automotive, power generation, aerospace, toolmaking and healthcare sectors, they are also ideal for general use across a wide variety of industries..

While prices vary, we strive to deliver the most affordable 3D scanners on the market. From Artec, we stock only the finest scanning technology.

Which are our most affordable 3D scanners?

All of our Artec 3D scanners come with at least two years of warranty, giving our customers complete peace of mind.

Artec Space Spider

The Artec Space Spider is one of our most affordable 3D scanners. This is a new and enhanced 3D scanner that gives precision a new meaning. Designed for CAD users and engineers, the Space Spider offers high resolution through impressive blue light technology. Suitable for capturing even the finest details, this Artec model is perfect for small objects or detail capture within a large industrial object with great resolution.

You are met with accuracy and crisp colouring with the Spider. It can render geometry, sharp edges, and thin ribs due to the powerful technology that it’s installed with. When it comes to purchasing the Artec Space Spider, it is priced at approximately £19,000.00. However, if it’s for educational and research purposes, we do have special offers. The Space Spider 3D scanner rental price is dependent on how long you rent it for. Ranging from £350.00/day to £1200.00 per week.

Artec Space Spider

Artec Micro

Secondly, we have the Artec Micro 3D scanner. The Micro offers professional precision for small machine parts, dentistry, and jewellery. As a fully-automated desktop scanner, it is also highly convenient and transportable. It achieves scanning with a point of accuracy of up to 10 microns.

If you’re wanting to invest in this innovative office buddy, you are looking at approximately £24,500.00. Again, the 3D scanner rent for the Micro is determined by the length of time you need it. However, for a free quote, get in touch with our team using the contact details at the end of this article.

Desktop 3D Scanner | Artec Micro

Artec EVA and LEO

We also have the Artec EVA and the Artec LEO 3D scanners which have a larger capture volume and are frequently used for architecture, human for scanning, engineering applications, automotive to name a few, They are highly portable as per the Artec Space Spider. Purchase price for these scanners ranges from approximately £6,000.00 to £30,000.00 dependent on the model and specification.

Artec Leo

Why rent a 3D scanner?

We offer affordability in both purchasing and renting our 3D scanners. By trying before you buy, you can experience the full potential of 3D scanning technology. The intricacy and complexity of 3D scanners have advanced over the years. On the other hand, renting a 3D scanner suits one-off projects that don’t require a full purchase.

If you rent a scanner from Central Scanning and then buy within 3 months of the end of the rental period, Central Scanning will reimburse 50% of your rental cost against the new scanner!

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At Central Scanning, we stand as one of the most reliable and trusted stockists of Artec. Allowing our customers to either buy or rent these impeccable scanners sets us apart from the competition.

If you’d like further information on our affordable 3D scanners or if you’d like to enquire about 3D scanner rent for any of our Artec devices, simply get in touch with our team today. Alongside our prestigious offering, we also prioritise exceptional customer service, ensuring each and every customer is given a completely bespoke experience from start to finish. So, let us help you today by calling us at 01527 558 282.

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