Utilise the Best Artec 3D Scanning Equipment to Scan Large Areas

by | Dec 21, 2022 | Artec

Utilise the Best Artec 3D Scanning Equipment to Scan A Room

Summary. Looking for the right equipment for 3D scanning a room? Artec’s advanced scanners provide unmatched precision, vital for designers and historians alike. Central Scanning offers industry-leading solutions, ensuring spaces are captured in stunning detail for various professional needs.


For scanning large areas, such as a room or a building, Artec produces some of the most exquisite 3D scanners on the market. The process of 3D scanning a room is becoming a more and more prominent process, especially in the design and surveying sectors. If you require fine detailing, Artec editions such as the Leo, Eva and Ray are immaculate in their results.

But, what is the system for scanning a room and why do we recommend Artec’s models? In this article, we’re going to delve into the 3D scanning world and understand the importance of this advanced technology when scanning a room or other large areas. At Central Scanning, we strive to offer our customers only the finest names in the 3D scanning industry.

Who needs to 3D scan walls?

A 3D room scanner can cover walls, floors, ceilings, windows and even furniture. Interior designers and surveyors rely on 3D scanners for precise dimensions and design potential when demonstrating new concepts. Furthermore, historians use this process to monitor crumbling walls or a piece of historical architecture.

How do you 3D scan walls?

While you may be knowledgeable on the impressiveness of Artec 3D scanners, what is the process of scanning a room? 3D scanning a room can be a hassle-free experience when using the right scanner. Artec, a renowned 3D scanning software developer and manufacturer, produces some of the best scanners on the market today.

Tips for Accurate Results

Before scanning, you must consider several things to ensure your results are as accurate as possible.
Good lighting is imperative.

We also recommend ridding the room of any shiny, reflective and transparent objects as they don’t always translate well. These can be moved or sprayed with AESUB self-disappearing scanning spray.

Position your scanner in numerous locations to obtain all angles and floor space. The same applies when scanning a corner or around a piece of furniture. In some cases, several scans may be required to utilise all angles, spaces and distances.

What 3D scanners are best for a scanning room?

Artec has three variations of 3D scanners that work perfectly when scanning large spaces such as rooms: The Ray, Leo and Eva models. These easy-to-use scanners use Artec Studio to combine data from the entire range.

Handheld or not, these variations offer different levels of precision and accuracy in their measurements, depending on the distance and quality that you require. Capturing even the finer details, all Artec scanners will exceed your expectations.

The Eva and Leo for the closer range items and the Ray for the overall room or building.

Should I rent a 3D scanner for my project?

Not sure whether you should buy or rent a 3D scanner? While buying a 3D scanner offers you a fast resolution for any of your projects, depending on your level of need, renting a 3D scanner can be much more efficient and suited to projects that only need scanning initially. If after a successful rental you decide to buy your own scanner, we will offer to refund 50% of the rental fee (within three months by the end of the rental period).

Artec 3D Scanners at Central Scanning

3D scanning rooms are extremely beneficial to a range of professions and sectors that require faultless results. Artec 3D scanners, especially, are world-renowned for their intelligent software and easy-to-use functionality. This combination achieves greatness for even the most complex structures and spaces.

As authorised resellers of Artec 3D scanners, we know how to assist our customers in finding the exact models to suit their needs. If you’d like guidance on purchasing a 3D scanner, reach out to us today on 01527 558 282.

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