What Else Do I Need to Take Advantage of 3D Scanning?

by | Oct 28, 2022 | Tips and Advice

3d scanning technology

Summary. 3D scanning technology is transforming data capture and product engineering. Beyond mere scanners, innovations like scanning sprays enhance accuracy, while portable battery packs and turntables expand versatility. Embrace the future of 3D scanning with Central Scanning’s expertise and vast product range.

3D scanning technology has revolutionised the way we capture data and reverse engineer products. 3D scanning allows us to disseminate complex products, generate exceptionally accurate computer imagery, and more.

But investing in a 3D scanner is just the start. Did you know that there are many other ways to take advantage of the benefits offered by 3D scanning technology? With the help of scanning sprays, for example, you can increase the accuracy of your scanners. Whereas, the use of portable scanners is yet another revolution in the field.

In this article, we explore the best ways to take advantage of 3D scanning to produce the best results for your next project. Keep reading to find out how to take advantage of 3D scanning.

Great Ways To Take Advantage Of 3D Scanning Technology

1. Take Advantage Of Scanning Sprays

The simplest way to take advantage of 3D scanning technology is to use scanning sprays. One of the biggest problems encountered by scanners is the presence of dark colours. As well as, unusual shapes or patterns on the surface of the object being scanned.

Therefore, scanning sprays create an even surface that removes these dark patterns and contours. In addition, they produce a smoother scanning surface. This ensures that 3D scanners produce more accurate results, and aren’t disrupted by lighting patterns.

There are several different scanning spray products on the market, but the industry leaders are AESUB. They offer a range of scanning sprays that are easy to apply and even easier to remove.

AESUB Blue is a scanning spray that naturally disappears four hours after being applied to an object. This semi-permanent spray is perfect for improving the accuracy of quick scanning projects.

AESUB White is a more permanent spray that’s designed to be applied for long-term scanning projects (projects that take longer than a few hours to complete). However, the spray is still easily removable with the application of water.

2. Invest In Portable Battery Packs

3D scanning technology has become incredibly portable. Additionally, the best way to take advantage of the portability factor is to invest in battery packs for your scanners.

Popular 3D scanners such as the Artec LEO and the Artec EVA can be powered for hours through external battery packs. These efficient battery packs give you the ability to work on projects away from sources of power.

This opens up a new world of scanning opportunities. For instance, you can work outdoors or in remote locations. Also, you can take your scanners to the products that you need to scan. With multiple battery packs fully charged and ready to go, you can complete entire projects away from the scanning studio.

3. You Don’t Need A Laptop

To take full advantage of the portability of modern 3D scanners, you need much less equipment than you might first believe. In fact, you don’t even need to have a laptop, especially not with the Artec Leo.

The Artec Leo is the next generation of 3D scanners, and it truly has changed the way you can approach scanning projects. The Artec Leo is handheld and incredibly portable, ensuring that you can work from almost anywhere.

No longer are challenging environments an issue, because you can work from battery packs. Plus the built-in touchscreen allows you to work on the go. You don’t need an external laptop to complete the project, because the scanner has the ability to function as a computer.

4. Try Out A Turntable

With handheld scanners comes a whole new range of possibilities (especially in terms of portability). You can take advantage of this by upgrading to a portable turntable too, with Artec providing an excellent model for their scanners.

Turntables are fully automated rotating platforms that allow you to scan products with a handheld scanner. This helps to improve the accuracy of the scan, through the continuous movements that result. The turntables can be fully integrated with scanning software too, producing truly excellent results.

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