3D Scanning Systems: Why are product demonstrations important?

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Summary. 3D scanning systems are revolutionising data collection across sectors. Central Scanning highlights the unmatched value of in-person demonstrations, showcasing ease of use and impeccable results, while underscoring the transformative potential for diverse industries.


3D scanning is quickly becoming an advanced data collection method that’s being adopted by a diverse range of industries today. Its limitations are minimal; from handheld objects to large applications such as vehicles, 3D scanning systems are going to change the way of collecting and analysing data.

However, their full potential can’t always be seen online. That’s why we at Central Scanning often deliver in-person demonstrations to prospective customers. This way, individuals see the technology firsthand, giving them a better representation and understanding of how innovative this concept is. We also encourage the potential clients the opportunity to try for themselves at the end of the demo. Therefore, clients can see how easy the process is for themselves.

The HandsOnMetrology System

Before we delve into the importance of face-to-face product demonstrations, we must mention the 3D scanning network HandsOnMetrology. Founded by ZEISS, this space presents a portfolio of 3D scanning systems, their purposes and user guides. Focusing on GOM and ZEISS, you can master 3D scanning through a range of learning opportunities, including a Q&A section and tutorials.

Why should you witness in-person demonstrations?

While HandsOnMetrology has an abundance of insightful and educational elements for you to consider, 3D scanning specialists actively encourage face-to-face demonstrations for their effectiveness.

Ease of Use

First and foremost, you’ll be educated on how easy to use 3D scanning systems are. Whether you are interested in a handheld or static version, you’ll soon realise how straightforward each device is. From digitalisation to the weight of the product itself, you’ll begin to understand why this modern technology is favoured.

In terms of handheld, the demonstrator will also be able to run through the motion needed for the best results. From this, you’ll be given an impression of how easily transportable and manoeuvrable the scanners are.

Impeccable Results

You’ll also be given a clear insight into the value of 3D scanning. Its matchless results are what set this data collection method apart from any other. Whether you’re based in the automotive or education sector, 3D scanner technology is renowned for its intricacy and faultlessness in outcomes.

When viewing this in person, you’ll have a better idea of how this concept can optimise your business’s processes. Whether you’ve previously struggled with the complexity of objects when attaining data or you’re looking for a solution that adheres to unique surfaces, face-to-face demonstrations can answer all of these concerns for you in a matter of moments.

What next?

At Central Scanning, we plan to continue demonstrating 3D scanning systems at various events and workshops. In the near future, we endeavour to progress this further, allowing viewers to get involved and potentially focus on different industries and uses. This way, we can showcase the full potential of 3D scanners and how they are impacting and will further impact many businesses moving forward.

Are you interested in the 3D scanners we have for sale? We are always on hand to guide you through our offering and how each device can benefit you. For further information, get in touch by calling us on 01527 558 282, and one of our helpful team will assist you.

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