The Secret Cupboard

by | Jul 13, 2018

“The Secret Cupboard is producing a sci-fi music video titled “Not All She Seems”, and is responsible for producing all of the visual fx shots.

Central Scanning Limited provided us with a 3D scan of one of our armed guards for the purpose of creating a digital double. The process involved standing very still while a scan was taken from every angle using the Artec Eva.

“The Secret Cupboard then created new topology which is optimised for animation, and mapped the details from the 3D scan onto it. This allows us to not only increase the number of guards on screen but also do some really fun things digitally that would otherwise be too dangerous to do for real.

“We found working with Central Scanning to be a great experience. They are not only a friendly and brilliant team of people who really know their stuff but were also very flexible in meeting all of our requirements.”

— Gregory Cusick, Managing Director, The Secret Cupboard