Educational Revolution: Deciphering the Benefits of Artec Eva and Eva Lite in Artec Eva in Education

by | Apr 19, 2024 | Artec Eva

Artec Eva 3D scanner used by students for interactive education projects

Modern education thrives on innovation. From interactive whiteboards to virtual classrooms, technology consistently enhances learning experiences. Treading this evolutionary path, the Artec Eva in Education and Eva Lite 3D scanners have emerged as transformative tools in education, offering an unmatched blend of accessibility and precision.

Why 3D Scanning in Education?

Before delving into the specifics of the Artec models, it’s imperative to understand the broader landscape. Remember the recent revelation in York?
3D scanning techniques unravelled the mysteries of an age-old Roman burial method, underscoring the technology’s potential to make the ancient world accessible to students in the present. This is the power of 3D technology: bringing history, science, and art directly into the hands of students.

Artec Eva & Eva Lite: The Game-Changers

Central Scanning, as champions of 3D technology, recognises the prowess of the Artec Eva in Education and Eva Lite. Their ability to scan objects with high precision and in colour sets them apart. Imagine a history lesson where students can virtually handle a Pharaoh’s sceptre or a science class that virtually dissects rare creatures without harming a specimen. That’s the promise these scanners deliver.


Benefits in the Classroom

  • Tactile Learning:
    Many learners benefit from tactile experiences. Scanning artefacts or specimens with Artec Eva or Eva Lite allows for the creation of 3D printed replicas. Students can touch, feel, and understand the object’s intricacies, bridging the gap between theory and tangible learning.
  • Interactive Modules:
    Teachers can integrate 3D models into their lessons, making topics engaging and immersive. From history to biology, every subject gains depth with real-world objects translated into digital form.
  • Empowering Creativity: For art and design students, these scanners become essential tools. They can scan an initial mould, refine it digitally, and bring their creations to life.
  • Archiving and Preservation: Educational institutions often house rare objects or documents. Scanners like the Artec Eva ensure they are preserved for future generations of learners.

Central Scanning’s Vision for Artec Eva in Education

Dive Deeper: Our Impact in Real-time Classrooms
Witness how Central Scanning is already transforming classrooms across the UK. From ancient artefacts brought to life to intricate biology lessons, our case studies showcase the future of education. Dive into the journey here.

Empower Your Institution with 3D Magic

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Education is not just about absorbing facts but understanding the world around us. With tools like the Artec Eva in Education and Eva Lite, the world – past, present, and future – is now within arm’s reach in the classroom. Join us in shaping this exhilarating future!